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China rejects NATO advance in Asia-Pacific region

For the Chinese Government, NATO is inserted in the region to incite confrontation, rivalry and disrupt prosperity

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Lin Jian, declared this Wednesday that his country opposes the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) advancing in the Asia-Pacific region.
to disturb stability.

During the usual Press conference, Lin stated that China's position regarding NATO "is consistent."

“We firmly oppose the NATO act beyond its characterization as a regional defensive alliance, inserting itself into the Asia-Pacific region to incite confrontation and rivalry and disrupt prosperity and stability in this region,” he asserted.

The official also urged NATO to make a real contribution to global peace, stability and security. 

China is a force for world peace

In the news conference On Tuesday, Lin was asked about statements by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg regarding China being one of the topics of the alliance summit being held in Washington, United States.

“NATO's so-called security is based, in most cases, on the insecurity of others, and what it does puts the world and regions at a high security risk (…) NATO should not use China to justify its insertion into the Asia-Pacific region or try to disrupt regional dynamics,” he asserted.

The spokesperson stressed that China It is a force for world peace, contributing to global development and a defender of the international order.

“Our objective and fair position and constructive role in the Ukraine crisis and burning international and regional issues are widely recognized by the international community. We urge NATO to form a correct perception of China, get rid of its Cold War mentality and zero-sum approach, stop alarmism about security and creating imaginary enemies,” Lin added.


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