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China: No one can cross line on Taiwan issue without paying some price

Beijing warns organizations, countries or individuals not to ignore its sovereignty over the island.

“No country, organization or individual should imagine that it can tread or even cross the line on the Taiwan question without paying some price,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said.

Mao made the remarks at a regular news conference in response to China's countermeasures targeting 12 defense corporations and 10 top US executives.

The countermeasures are believed to have been China's response to US sanctions against Chinese companies over Russia-related issues and the US side's assistance in the "takeover" of the líder from the Taiwan region.

Mao noted that China announced the corresponding decision in Foreign Ministry Decree No. 7 on May 22, and China firmly opposes unilateral sanctions and far-reaching jurisdiction that have no basis in international law and security. authorization from the UN Security Council.

“We will continue to take all necessary measures to protect our legitimate and legal rights and interests,” Mao said, adding that China urges the United States to deeply reflect on its conduct, face its responsibility for the outbreak and escalation of the Ukraine crisis. , stop vilifying and pressuring, as well as stop abusing illegal unilateral sanctions.

The spokesperson indicated that the Taiwan issue is at the center of China's fundamental interests and is the first red line that cannot be crossed in relations between China and the United States.

“No country, organization or individual should underestimate the firm determination, will and ability of the Chinese Government and people to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our nation, nor imagine that they can step on or even cross the line of the Taiwan question without pay some price,” he added.


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