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China condemns US arms sales to Taiwan

The Chinese government describes the gesture as a violation of relations between China and the United States.

China condemned the US approval of the latest sale of F-16 fighter aircraft parts and related services to the Chinese region of Taiwan, with an estimated price of $80 million. Beijing denounces that this violates the three Joint Communiqués on relations between China and the US.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry further explained China's position, highlighting the fundamental issues at stake and the broader implications for China-US relations.

Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party authorities intend to seek independence through the use of force, and the United States is committed to helping advance that agenda by arming Taiwan. This goes against the trend of the times, which will only increase cross-Strait tensions and lead nowhere.

The Taiwan issue is at the core of China's core interests, and is the first red line that cannot be crossed in China-US relations.

China urges the United States to respect the one-China principle, stop selling weapons to Taiwan and have military contact with the island. However, Washington has increased its ties with Taiwan, especially in the arms sphere.


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