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China accuses US of double standards in Gaza

Chinese Defense Minister Dong Jun stressed that the growing disaster in Gaza has caused great despair in the world

The Minister of Defense of China, Dong Jun, was forceful regarding the issue of the Gaza Strip in a meeting held in Singapore with his counterpart from United States, Lloyd Austin, expressing his hope that this country will abandon “the double standards” it maintains regarding the Palestinian enclave.

“We hope that the US will abandon its double standards and play an active role in the region,” Jun said, according to Chinese Army spokesman Wu Qian.

The minister “underlined that the growing disaster (in Gaza) has caused great despair in the world. China and most countries have been actively promoting a ceasefire and an end to the war,” Qian detailed in statements reported by China Central Television (CCTV).

In the conclave with Austin, Dong Jun also reiterated China's "firm stance" on Taiwan, expressing that the US "sends the wrong signal to the separatist forces" on the island.

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