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Mexican right-wing candidate will ask to challenge elections

Despite Claudia Sheinbaum's comfortable victory, the opposition tries to cast doubt on the results.

Xóchitl Gálvez, former presidential candidate for the 'Strength and Heart for Mexico' coalition, announced this Monday that she will present “challenges” to the elections held the day before, in which Claudia Sheinbaum won a resounding victory.

“We all knew that we were facing unequal competition against the entire State apparatus dedicated to favoring their candidate. We all realized how organized crime was present, threatening and even murdering dozens of applicants and candidates,” Gálvez alleged in a post published on his X account. 

Additionally, he assured that he was aware that “there is a lot of confusion and many doubts.” “I know that the results surprise us and that is why we must analyze what happened,” she said. 

Based on these arguments, he indicated that the process has not concluded and his alliance will present “the challenges that prove” what he asserted and “everyone” knows. “We will do it because we cannot allow us to have another election like this,” he said.

Despite these accusations, which in his opinion would compromise the adequacy of the electoral event, Gálvez stressed that he recognized Sheinbaum's victory because she is "a democrat" and believes "in the institutions."

“I trust the quick count of the INE (National Electoral Institute), it is a statistical exercise prepared by the best data scientists in the country,” he added.

According to the most recent update of the INE quick count on 74,3% of the sample, Bertha Xóchitl Gálvez will obtain between 26,6 and 28%, some 6 points below what Sheinbaum obtained, who will add between 30 and 58,3%.


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