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Civilians fall with American weapons used by Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use weapons from the US and France against the civilian population.

This Friday, the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out a massive bombing of civilian targets in the Russian city of Luhansk, in the Lugansk People's Republic, the press secretary of the head of the region, Anna Romanova, reported.

Local authorities reported that the number of injured rose to 57, including four children. According to the head of the region, Leonid Pásechnik, the injured are receiving the necessary medical attention.

The official also reported that an entrance section of a residential building collapsed after the attack. According to the update, four people died and seven were rescued from the rubble.

The Russian Defense Ministry detailed that the attack occurred with five American-made ATACMS missiles, four of which were intercepted and the fifth hit two residential buildings.

Likewise, local authorities reported that the bombing caused damage to two schools, three kindergartens, the Higher School of Information Technologies and Entrepreneurship and one of the buildings of Luhansk University. There were no injuries or casualties among staff or students.

Civilians killed with French weapons in Kherson

An attack launched by Ukraine against a store in the town of Sadovoe, in the Russian province of Kherson, has left at least 22 dead and 15 injured, the local governor, Vladimir Saldo, reported this Friday.

“In this despicable murder of civilians, Zelensky's vile fascist nature was revealed. With the terrorist attacks in the Kherson region and in Lugansk, he made a bloody gift to his alleged patrons who are now in France, right in the Elysee Palace, Macron and others líder“It is equally unworthy of Western countries,” said the senior official.

According to local authorities, the first attack was carried out with a French-made aerial bomb and the second from a HIMARS multiple missile launcher system.


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