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Bukele took out Milei's chainsaw against Salvadoran employees

He will fire 300 public employees under the pretext of saving funds and calls it "bitter medicine."

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced this Thursday that more than 300 employees of the Ministry of Culture will be fired to “save” public funds and as part of a “bitter medicine” to improve the economy of the Central American country.

In a message on this Government.”

He said that with the above “we will save public funds in the process” and noted that “the people chose a path and we are going to take that path.”

“Bitter medicine,” he added.

Bukele promised on June 1, during his inauguration for a second consecutive term, to “heal” the economy after curing the country of the “cancer” of violence, generated mainly by gang groups.

“Now, that we have fixed the most urgent thing, which was security, we are going to focus squarely on the important problems, starting with the economy,” Bukele said at the time.

According to a recent survey by the University Institute of Public Opinion of the Jesuit Central American University (Iudop), 73,7% of the population believes that the country's main problem is related to economic factors, while 25,8% stated that the main failure of the Bukele Government occurred in economic matters.

It reveals that 60,5% of Salvadorans consider that the economy has worsened or remains the same at the end of the fifth year of Bukele's first administration, 69,2% say that their family economy has worsened or remains the same.

The president's strategy of boosting the economy with the purchase of cryptocurrencies was forgotten, a bizarre measure that is no longer mentioned in the government to try to make its failure invisible.

Under the Bukele Administration, El Salvador has remained at the bottom of economic growth in Central America and is highly dependent on family remittances, which annually inject more than 8.000 billion dollars.


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