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Brazil exceeds 3 thousand deaths from dengue so far this year

Despite offering the dengue vaccine, infections have been driven by the multiplication of outbreaks.

Brazil, which is facing the worst dengue epidemic in its history, has recorded a record of 3.039 deaths from the disease so far this year, almost three times those recorded in all of 2023 (1.179), which was until now the year with the most deaths. due to the virus, the Government reported this Friday.

The number of deaths may be even higher because it does not include the 2.679 deaths under investigation, according to the latest epidemiological bulletin released by the Ministry of Health.

The number of probable cases, which exceed the Government's worst forecasts, is also a record, with 5,2 million as of this Friday, more than three times those registered in all of 2015 (1,6 million), which was until now the year with more infections.

The rate of contagion, however, has slowed down sharply after the end of summer, which is the time with the highest incidence due to heat and humidity, conditions that favor the proliferation of Aedes aegypti, the transmitting mosquito.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of infections has been gradually falling since the end of March and in the last week it stood at 101.853, after having reached a record of 427.940 in the third week of March.

The severity of the current epidemic is attributed to the effects of the El Niño climate phenomenon, which raised temperatures and increased rainfall throughout the country.

In the midst of the epidemic, in February Brazil became the first country in the world to offer the dengue vaccine through the public health system, although the low number of doses available has limited its application only to children and adolescents.


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