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Biden and Macron disagree on Ukraine attacking targets in Russia

The American assures that doing so would drag the West into the conflict, while the Frenchman does not seem to care as much.

The decision to allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to attack targets inside Russian territory with American weapons “could theoretically” drag the West into the conflict, but such a scenario is unlikely, according to US President Joe Biden.

During an interview that the president gave this Thursday to ABC News, within the framework of his visit to France, the journalist asked him for a comment about the recent authorization granted to Ukraine to use American weapons when attacking Russian targets in the territory of the Eurasian country. , and asked if that could not only cause an escalation of the Ukrainian conflict, but also drag Western countries into the conflict.

Biden defended his country's policy on the Ukrainian conflict, asserting that Russia has “lost 350.000 troops, dead and wounded, without a single American soldier being involved,” thanks to the weapons supplies that kyiv needs.

The president noted that the use of weapons provided by Washington to kyiv is limited to the area “near the border” at times when Russian forces launch attacks from across the border against specific targets in Ukraine.

“We do not authorize attacks 200 miles [322 kilometers] inside Russia and we do not give permission to carry out attacks against Moscow” or “the Kremlin,” he said.

For his part, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that his government authorized the Ukrainian Armed Forces to use in a limited manner the missiles it supplies to kyiv for attacks on Russian territory.

“We say, we do not allow them to use our weapons to attack civilians, to hit one point or another in Russia, but to neutralize the points from which they attack them,” said the president in an interview with TF1 and France 2.

The head of state said that the sending of Mirage 2000-5 fighters to Ukraine will be announced next day and revealed that it has been proposed that “Ukrainian pilots be trained this summer in France” as part of a total of “4.500 Ukrainian soldiers.” that they would receive instruction.


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