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Biden signs order limiting asylum requests at the border

This is the toughest immigration measure of the Biden government and occurs within the framework of the electoral campaign.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, signed an executive order this Tuesday that will drastically restrict asylum requests on the border with Mexico, in what is one of his toughest immigration measures and which comes in the middle of the election campaign. November generals.

This order will allow US authorities to deport those who do not meet strict asylum standards when the figure of 2.500 daily arrests at the border is exceeded for an average of seven days, senior US officials told the press.

The order will come into force this Tuesday because that figure of 2.500 arrests is already being exceeded with an average of 4.200 daily arrests that occurred in April, the latest official figure available.

Protocols for requesting asylum will be relaxed again once that number drops to 1.500 on average over 14 days, which could be difficult to achieve since the last time the average detentions fell to 1.500 was in July 2020, at the height of pandemic.

As detailed by officials, those who arrive at the border once the 2.500 threshold is exceeded will be subject to “a significantly higher standard” to qualify for asylum.

Specifically, in that instance, migrants must demonstrate that there is a “reasonable possibility” that they are at risk of torture or persecution if they are returned to their country of origin.

The officials argued that the United States will adhere to the obligations of the United Nations convention against torture, which prohibits deporting someone to a country where they may be tortured.

However, if migrants are unable to demonstrate that they qualify for asylum under this higher standard, they will be deported within a matter of “hours” or “days.”

In that case, the situation will vary depending on your nationality. Those who are Mexicans or nationals of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela will be returned directly to Mexico under previous agreements between Washington and Mexican authorities.

On the other hand, those who arrive at the border from other parts both inside and outside the American continent, such as Colombia or Ecuador, will be expelled on deportation flights.

The rule allows exceptions: unaccompanied travelers traveling north are not subject to the restrictions, as are victims of human trafficking, those facing an acute medical emergency or an extreme threat to their life and safety.

Additionally, asylum cases will continue to be processed for people who have requested an appointment through the “CBP One” mobile application, which offers approximately 1.450 asylum appointments daily.

The president has already signed the executive order and the departments of Homeland Security and Justice have published the necessary regulations for it to be implemented, a White House spokesperson said.

Biden is scheduled to give a speech on the measure, his most aggressive unilateral initiative so far after seeing attempts to reach a bipartisan agreement in Congress frustrated, during an event at the White House at 14.00:18.00 p.m. local time (XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. GMT). accompanied by several mayors from the border.

This order comes six months before the elections, in which Biden aspires to be re-elected for a second term and will once again face former President Donald Trump, whose campaign has already criticized the measure, calling it an “amnesty.”


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