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Death toll rises to 165 due to floods in Brazil

The state fears the risk of an increase in infectious and contagious diseases

The death toll in Rio Grande do Sul rose to 165 this Saturday, as a result of the rains and floods that have hit the Brazilian state since the end of April.

In the update of the bulletin of the Gaucho Civil Defense, 64 missing people and 806 injured are also reported.

Due to the greatest climate disaster in the territorial division, and although the number of people in shelters decreases, 55 still remain in shelters, such as in courts, classrooms and shelters.

Of the 497 municipalities in the state, at least 469 were reported affected by bad weather.

Relief agencies also rescued 83 people and 593 animals, mostly dogs and cats taken from floods.

On the other hand, according to updated data, Rio Grande do Sul has so far 54 confirmed cases of leptospirosis, with four deaths. Four other deaths are under investigation.

Health authorities estimate that the number of people with the condition, during the floods, must reach a thousand until the end of the calamity.

The state, which has been living under water for three weeks, fears the risk of an increase in infectious and contagious diseases, and monitors cases of tetanus, hepatitis A, poisonous attacks, diarrhea, scabies, lice and respiratory syndromes such as flu and Covid-19.

Contamination with the Leptospira bacteria, responsible for the disease, is transmitted through the skin, especially if there are open lesions, from direct or indirect exposure to the urine of rats or other contaminated animals.

In places where floodwaters have occurred, this urine can mix and spread until it reaches humans.

The infection is considered acute febrile, that is, it causes high fever and has, according to the Ministry of Health, a fatality risk of 40 percent in the most serious cases.

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