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Argentina mobilizes in rejection of Milei policies

Teachers and other education workers condemn the lack of investment in educational centers

Argentine sectors and trade organizations mobilized this Thursday to denounce the policies promoted by the president of the South American nation, Javier Milei, which have aggravated the socioeconomic crisis, according to an AVN note.

Argentina faces a nationwide strike, where teachers and other education workers gathered in front of Congress to condemn the lack of investment in educational centers, from initial to university levels, as well as to demand salary improvements that allow them to face the crisis.

This was reported by the general secretary of the Confederation of Education Workers, Sonia Alesso, who asked legislators to approve regulations on the university budget and restore the Teacher Incentive Fund, eliminated by the Executive of La Libertad Avanza, the agency reports. of Prensa Latina news.

For their part, members of the Territories in Struggle bloc came to the Obelisk in Buenos Aires and public places in other regions to demand the delivery of food to soup kitchens, where thousands of families are fed.

In this sense, the leader of the National Territorial Federation, Omar Giuliani, accused the Government of interrupting the sending of resources to these entities, denying the existence of the centers, attacking those who work there and criminalizing social protest.

“We, who feed and were essential during the Covid-19 pandemic, denounce that there is planned hunger and that seven out of every 10 children in Argentina are poor. “This is a social disaster, chaos and cruelty, caused by the absence of public policies to address the consequences of a brutal adjustment,” he added.

Absence of responses

It should be noted that the call included all unions, thirty days after the massive march in defense of public education and in the midst of the controversy over the UBA agreement, according to the Argentine digital media, Punto12.

The demands include the restitution of the Teacher Incentive Fund to the provinces, budget and “emergency” increase for retirees in the sector.

“The lack of responses has caused a loss of the purchasing power of our salaries – since December 2023 there are teachers with salaries of 250 thousand pesos –, educational defunding in all areas, causing and deepening provincial conflicts, in the absence of the State as guarantor of the teaching salary floor and the resources necessary for the functioning of the educational system,” says the document from the entity led by Sonia Alesso and Roberto Baradel.

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