Mayor of Medellín asked for international help to face covid-19

The mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero Calle, asked this Sunday for help from Cuba, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Spain to attend the COVID-19 pandemic, which in that Colombian city already leaves 12.894 infected, according to an EFE review. .

The ruler assured in his social networks that he asked the United States and the United Kingdom for "vaccines" when they have them; he requested tests from the United Arab Emirates, and medical personnel from Spain and Cuba, without giving further details on the requirements.

Quintero referred to those requests for cooperation that his city has made after a letter that he sent to the Cuban ambassador in Colombia, José Luis Ponce, was made public, in which he asked that country for "help and solidarity with a medical brigade." with the capacity to serve 600 beds in Intensive Care Units (ICU).

"The Mayor's Office of Medellín will have all the necessary resources for the transfer and stay in the city, with all the security guarantees that are required," the official said in the letter.

He explained that the capacity of the ICUs in the city "was collapsed even before the pandemic started" and pointed out that it only has "118 specialists in intensive care, an insufficient number to guarantee the care of the most serious patients."

"From this already low number we must subtract that of those who are infected and must be isolated or require some type of medical attention themselves," Quintero added in the letter, which provoked criticism from some sectors that consider that the the work of Colombian doctors before that of Cubans.

Senator María Fernanda Cabal, of the right-wing Democratic Center party, criticized Quintero online and said that he "offers work and security to Cuban doctors to attend the peak of the pandemic in Medellín, discarding local doctors, who also have better training." .

In response to the congresswoman's accusations, the mayor stated: “We have not understood the message of the coronavirus well. Beyond borders, races and ideologies, he reminded us that as humans we all need each other (…) Life must be above politics ”.