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There are 9.600 women assisted with workshops in the municipalities of Monagas

In Maturín, the capital of the Monagas state, 600 women benefited from a comprehensive medical day from the Great Venezuela Women Mission

Sully Rondón, president of the State Institute for Women and the Family (Iemfa) and coordinator of the Great Venezuela Women Mission in Monagas, reported that in Monagas more than 9 women have been served with comprehensive sessions.

Santa Bárbara, Ezequiel Zamora, Aguasay, Caripe, Bolívar, Uracoa, Cedeño and Maturín are the eight municipalities addressed, according to Rondón and detailed that in Maturín they have reached nine parishes, totaling more than 5 benefited women.

“On this occasion, The Great Venezuela Women Mission benefited 600 ladies at the Félix Antonio Calderón School, in the 23 de Enero sector, in the San Simón parish of the Maturín municipality, with 17 completely free medical services within the framework of its health and life vertex. ", said.

In Maturín 600 women benefited from clinical sessions

Sully Rondón expressed that among the clinical specialties offered to the 600 women in Maturín are cardiology, psychology, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, nutrition, dentistry and ophthalmology.

In addition to laboratory services, pharmacy, hairdressing, family planning, specialized studies, obstetric, breast and abdominal ultrasounds: delivery of multivitamins, spa and guidance on gender violence, humanized childbirth and breastfeeding.

“We are bringing comprehensive health care to women directly to the communities through workshops,” said Rondón.

He added that the family planning service included delivery of oral contraceptives, male condoms and counseling for adolescents, among other tools for the prevention of early pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

He also indicated that these days with specialized medical care are essential to obtain early diagnoses and, therefore, provide timely care for different diseases, such as breast or cervical cancer.

The benefited sectors were 23 de Enero, Paraíso A, A1 and A2; B, B1 and B2; Negro Primero 1 and 2, Tres Raíces Tree, Junín and Libertador Avenue; which comprise axis 4 of the San Simón de Maturín parish.

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