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Punceres in Monagas marched against the sanctions

They ask Biden to lift the blockade so they can work in peace

The town of Punceres, Monagas state, held a large demonstration on the afternoon of this Thursday, May 30, to reject the intensification of United States sanctions against Venezuela.

More than 2 Pucereños loudly shouted “Biden to stop sanctions now”, to lift the blockade so they can work in peace.

The great human wave accompanied Governor Ernesto Luna, from La Cancha central de Quiriquire until reaching Punceres Street, together with the mayor of this jurisdiction, Adrián Márquez, national representatives of the Enamórate Party, deputies of the national assembly, communal spokespersons and representatives of the regional leadership of the party.

The regional president congratulated the people of Puceres because despite the downpour, they attended the rally en masse, inviting them to maintain the same momentum to achieve perfect victory in the July 28 elections.

“In this process for the construction of collective victory we are giving an example of what a combative, brave and revolutionary people is. We are defending the peace of the country for our children and for the future of Venezuela. Let's keep up the fight, to continue building the beautiful homeland that Commander Hugo Chávez Frías dreamed of for us and that our leader of victories Nicolás Maduro maintains," the president highlighted.

With less than two months to go until the presidential elections in the country, Luna called on the bases to have maximum revolutionary unity in the face of the political contest. He asked the social movements and parties of the Great Patriotic Pole for a lot of organization to, in this way, guarantee the greatest popular participation in the elections.

Inhabitants of the Punceres municipality demonstrated conviction and commitment to the revolutionary process in each of the sectors of the municipality.

Edgar Brito, a resident of Cachipo, highlighted that Nicolás Maduro has a town restored with the Revolution.

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