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Psuv Monagas invites you to join the drill

Monagas has 32 centers for the exercise this June 30

Within the framework of the electoral simulation for this Sunday, June 30, thirty-two electoral centers were set up in Monagas, with the objective that the people of Monagas become familiar with the electoral process for the elections of this coming July 28, as highlighted the vice president of regional and municipal affairs of the PSUV-Monagas, Sandra Montes.  

“Your participation will change the course of history, we trust that our grassroots structures and the 1x10x7 will achieve victory,” said Montes, inviting the entire population to participate in the process this Sunday.

He explained that they will continue meeting with structures at the level of all sectors to continue warming up the mobilization process for the elections.

“We continue at the forefront, we do not stop, we will have a meeting with the PSUV municipal team in Caripe and a meeting of the Communal Government Cabinet led by Governor Ernesto Lunes,” he added.

32 voting centers available

Acosta has two educational centers, the Manuel Saturnino Peñalver Gómez High School and the Francisco Javier Gómez Basic School, while, in Bolívar, two centers will be available; the Ciudad de Los Teques Basic School and the Pedro Gual Bolivarian Basic School.

Likewise, in Caripe they will enable 3 centers; the Abraham Lincoln School Group, the Miguel Vecchio Marsiglia Basic School and the Caripito Bolivariana Basic School. In Cedeño, the José Francisco Bermúdez Bolivarian Basic School, the Luis Felipe Turmero Corvo Basic School and the Juan Francisco Mila de la Roca Educational Unit.

Likewise, Ezequiel Zamora voters will be able to exercise their right to vote at the Alberto Ravell Basic School and the Menca de Leoni Basic School. And in the Libertador municipality, three educational centers will be active; Dora Romero Basic School of Ávila, Antonio Guzmán Blanco Basic School and the Chaguaramas Bolivarian Educational Unit.

In the Capital Maturín city, 4 main centers were enabled; Félix Armando Núñez Beaperthuy National High School; Félix Armando Núñez Beaperthuy Basic School; Bolivarian University of Venezuela and Félix Armando Núñez Beaperthuy National High School.

In this way, in Piar, they enabled 3 electoral centers; the Cacique Taguay School Group; the Eloy Palacios Cabello Basic School and the Teresa Carreño School. Two centers are distributed in Punceres; the Barquisimeto Bolivarian Basic School and the Andrés Eloy Blanco Basic School.

In Sotillo they have three centers; Uriapara Basic School, Florentino Montero Arias Basic School and Alarico Gómez Basic School. Just as in Aguasay; The Antonio Ciliberto Pérez National School and the Fe y Alegría Educational Unit are available.

Santa Bárbara and Uracoa have the Juan Vicente Bolívar Bolivarian School and the Chaima Bolivarian Basic School, respectively.

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