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The book Guerra y Millán presented at the Filven Monagas

Contains a newspaper compilation of articles published in newspapers and literary supplements

In the city of Maturín, this Thursday, May 16, within the framework of the Filven Monagas, they presented the book “Guerra y Millán, the Massacre of the Liceo Sanz”, published by the Ombudsman's Office and Ediciones mayor of Maturín, the writer reported Miguel Mendoza Barreto, director of the Office of the Historian of the mayor of this jurisdiction.

In the words of Mendoza Barreto, this remembered story of impunity and brutal aggression marked a before and after in the fight of the Monaco student movement against the oppressive governments of the Fourth Republic.

“The last moments of life and the vile murder of the young José Rafael Guerra and Alberto César Millán were immortalized through the pages of the book “Guerra y Millán”, presented by Ediciones Alcaldía de Maturín, in co-edition with the Ombudsman's Office. ", said.

The book named in the Filven, Monagas chapter, is the first in the “History Collection” of the editorial fund promoted by the administration of Mayor Ana Fuentes.

Mendoza stated that the text represents the reflective memory and the collective construction of the events narrated by the journalist and researcher Beltrán Trujillo Centeno. In addition, it contains a newspaper compilation of articles published in newspapers and literary supplements in recent years.

The book presentation was attended by sisters Rosa and Yolanda Millán, who have preserved a historical archive of the investigations, leaving no room for oblivion. Among the attendees were writers, students from the Sanz high school and the student from the National Experimental University of Security (Unes), who today represent the public force at the service of the people, and not the aggressor and repressive force of the governments of the past.

Maturín authorities and relatives of the murdered students officially present the book Guerra y Millán

Historic context

The book of the municipality's “History Collection” is a version based on the research carried out by the Monaguense journalist and writer Beltrán Trujillo Centeno, in 1999.

The first publication of the Miguel José Sanz High School massacre was edited by the Ombudsman's Office, and in 2023 a second version was published in co-edition with the municipal management editorial fund.

In the context of the nineteenth edition of Filven, the Mayor's Editorial Fund participates with the first issue of the Historian's Office collection, edited to preserve the memory of the young martyrs.

“It is an essential document for the defense of peace, which symbolizes a fight where we tell the world that we do not kneel or give up,” Mendoza highlighted.

For his part, Yeferson Aguirre, head of the Municipal Youth Institute, invited the students to read the book as an opportunity to educate themselves and remember that “neither forget nor forgive,” a phrase that encapsulates the sentiment of those who know the story. of the Sanz high school massacre.

"Today students have ample freedom of expression to defend human rights, and in addition to that we have a revolutionary government led by President Nicolás Maduro, who meets and listens to students through the líderIt is one of the different federations that bring together high school students and university students,” he added.

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