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More than 12 cases resolved with 250×1 in Maturín

Health, water and electricity concentrate the largest number of cases reported through the VenApp

In Maturín, Monagas state, there have been a total of 12 cases that have been responded to after being reported in the Good Government 250×1 VenApp, as reported by the mayor of this jurisdiction, Ana Fuentes.

The mayor stated that cases are generated daily in matters of health, electricity, sewage, public transportation and education at the basic, general and university levels.

“In Maturín, since this 1×10 Good Government System was launched, a municipal command post of the 1×10 Good Government was activated, which has been working tirelessly on the crystallization of human aid,” said Fuentes. .

He explained that the parishes that register the most reports are Alto de Los Godos, Boquerón, El Corozo, El Furrial, Jusepín, La Pica, Las Cocuizas, San Simón, San Vicente and Santa Cruz, with 10 being attended to so far. 185, which represents a percentage value of 2024%.

The cases with the greatest demand, prioritized by municipal management, are those that have to do with the areas of health, water and electricity.

Regarding water

The collapse of sewage in many sectors of Maturín has been immediately attacked by the municipal authority.

With vacuum trucks, cases have been resolved in the El Silencio, Brisas del Aeropuerto, Los Godos, La Cruz, Las Cocuizas, Alberto Ravell, Villa Heroica Sur and Palo Negro sectors.

And to celebrate these two years of work and commitment, more than 600 grants were delivered through the VenApp in the Alto de Los Godos parish.


There are several health cases resolved through 1×10 in the entity.

Such is the case of Raquel Villasana, a 15-year-old girl, who since she was seven months old has suffered from a serious illness that affects her extremities, so her father built a handmade chair for her.

Villasana, from the community of El Salto de Morichal, San Simón parish, an area distant from the city of Maturín, received a pediatric wheelchair, which has significantly improved his life and that of his family.

Likewise, Mr. Nelson Caraballo expressed special gratitude to the head of state for “the blessing they have given me with the 1×10 of the Good Government, since with the clinical bed that I received it is possible to receive the therapies I need.”

Caraballo was hit by a stray bullet at the age of 23, and as a result, his legs were immobilized.

Also notable is the case of Mrs. Desiré Termini's son, a 7-year-old boy with a motor disability, who thanks to the Good Government will see better days with the help of a pediatric wheelchair.

Likewise, Omar Rivas, 71 years old, along with his wife Pascuala Parra, a family from Las Vegas Street in the Brisas sector of the Airport, thanked “the great help they have given us with this clinical bed.”

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