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Presidential Commission for the Judicial Revolution installed in Monagas

This commission will allow crowds to be avoided in prisons, which comply with the times established by the Bolivarian Constitution and the Penal Code.

In order to achieve procedural speed, the Presidential Commission for the Judicial Revolution was installed, which consists of avoiding crowding in prisons, complying with the times established by the Bolivarian Constitution, the Penal Code and other legal statutes, said the vice president of the Criminal Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, Judge Elsa Gómez.

He explained that this process will be carried out preserving the rights, principles, guarantees and equality for the parties.

The information was disseminated through the Instagram account of the Monagas State Government.

Gómez indicated that this commission will fulfill the important function of examining the cases, one by one of those deprived of liberty, with the purpose of verifying, in accordance with the criminal statutes, what is appropriate and obtaining some type of procedural benefit.

The national judicial authority reported that "they will not allow any defendant to be subjected to the dock without reason," emphasizing that they will not admit it and confirmed that they will guarantee oral and public trials, evaluating elements in order to issue a sentence within the framework of law and humanism.  

They will review the causes of those prosecuted and convicted of Monagas

Likewise, AN deputy Julio García Zerpa, first vice president of the Internal Policy Commission, said that the senior staff of the Justice administration is available to review the cases of those prosecuted and convicted, so that access is maintained. direct to justice as a universal right without any obstacle and with all guarantees.

He congratulated the excellent organization in Monagas and the support provided by Governor Ernesto Luna to carry out this event. Likewise, he thanked the presence and invitation of Jorge Alzolay, president of the Palace of Justice; Omar Farías, deputy to the AN; Azucena Jaspe, president of the Commission in the Eastern Region, and Gladiana Cedeño, Rector Judge of the Monagas and Delta Amacuro states.

With this project, indicated the AN deputy, 12 laws have been reformed, including the Organic Criminal Procedural, Military Justice and Penitentiary codes, so that greater procedural guarantees can be generated.

Zerpa: There is no more líderis negative

Julio García Zerpa highlighted that thanks to the process they have been carrying out, the prison population has been reduced by more than 50 percent, which stood at more than 95 thousand inmates, without this having had an impact on the increase in crime rates in the country since On the contrary, the margin of recidivism in those who have received criminal benefits in their processes is barely 2 percent.

“We believe in the dignity of the human being, in the presumption of innocence and for that we set up working groups to guarantee the rights of those deprived of liberty,” he assured.

Zerpa indicated that, currently, thanks to the intervention carried out by the State in 60 prisons, now only 50 are active in these, there are no líderIt is negative, no weapons, no drugs.

“Thanks to the New Penitentiary Regime we have centers like the Nelson Mandela, where inmates are required to study, play sports and work on their reintegration process into society,” he replied. 

Regarding the defendants who were held in the La Pica prison, recently intervened, he said that they remain in the Anzoátegui Productive Center and that, in the same way, their cases will be reviewed for the proper administration of justice.

“These cases will also be evaluated and those who are issued a release ticket will be guaranteed transfer to their place of origin,” he said.

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