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Héctor Rodríguez: there are still brave people to continue growing

43 social movements make up a promoting team of the Future Venezuela Movement in Monagas

In a cultural, colorful and revolutionary meeting, this Tuesday, May 21, the swearing-in of 43 social movements was held in Maturín, Monagas state, with the aim of promoting their union and consolidating national political peace, as highlighted by Héctor Rodríguez. , national coordinator of the Future Venezuela Movement.

“We will have to come out in defense of the grandparents because they are the most vulnerable in this war imposed by the stateless. Even so, from the heroic land we tell the opponents that there are still many brave people left to continue growing with the homeland. "The Venezuelan people will never surrender to an imperial nation that wants to take away their freedom, because we have plenty of dignity and courage from our liberators," said the líder of the Future Movement.

I add that "today the Future Movement was born in the heat of popular power, social movements, the great national dialogue, it is a movement that convenes beyond the parties, that convenes the líder"es and leaders of the communities, social movements of women, of youth, of workers who love Venezuela who have the will to build a future."

The person in charge of the Future Movement together with the national coordinator, María Rosa Jiménez; the regional coordinator, Marisol Teressen; the youth represented by Diemilys Cabello; Lismari Azócar and Andrés Piñango for popular power, indicated that they seek to build a better space for Venezuela, “leaving aside politicking and looking for people who want to help, but who are outside the traditional structures.”

“The love for Venezuela moves the will of the women and men of Monagas. The first meeting of the promotional team of this state showed that love, that desire to contribute and build for the future of Venezuela,” she said.

He invited the líderes and the leaders of this eastern land and the different political tendencies to build a future for peace and advance together for national sovereignty, for the strengthening of productive capacities and to confront the unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela.

regional team

The team is made up of Marisol Teresen as coordinator; Tania Salazar as secretary; Daniel González in organization; Kelvis Salas in social dialogue; Belkis Sánchez in training; Alberto Amarista in alliances and Almeida Had in international.

In addition, seven strategic lines of transformation have been established: Andrés Piñango in economics; Andrés Martínez in full independence; Romer Peñaloza in peace, security and defense; Sinai Soto in social; Narciso Salazar in politics; Camila Álvarez in ecology and Juan Pérez in international.

This team promises to work hard for a better future for Monagas and all of Venezuela.

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