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They send technical help to the Acosta municipality

After being affected by Hurricane Berly, in Caripe they cleared roads, and carried out tree cutting and cleaning with crews and machinery

The Monagas state government sent a technical and logistical team from the Rain General Staff to address the damage caused by the flooding of the Colorado, Guarapiche and Cocollar rivers in at least 10 sectors of the Acosta municipality, due to the passage of Hurricane Beryl through the Caribbean. .

María Gabriela Villarroel, director of the Governor's Office, reported that since yesterday, Tuesday, July 2, the affected families have been served with 100 individual mattresses, 250 bags of food, 125 chickens, 52 personal hygiene kits, 400 pairs of shoes and a batch of medicines to the Acosta municipality, in order to address the contingency generated by the rains and the flooding of the Colorado, Guarapiche and Cocollar rivers.

He indicated that the endowment guarantees timely attention to the 47 families affected by the rising flows, which remain under protection at the Regional Teacher Support Center, located in the UPEL San Antonio facilities.

Two trucks containing 43 liters of drinking water arrive

On the morning of this Wednesday, July 3, two trucks containing 43 liters of bottled drinking water arrived in the Acosta municipality, to supply both the communities of the local parishes of San Francisco and San Antonio and Cumanacoa, in the state of Sucre.

Likewise, Aguas de Monagas sent a tanker truck with a capacity of 35 thousand liters of drinking water to guarantee the supply to the communities affected by the contingency.

“We remain dedicated to helping our people of Acosta to serve the communities that need our support today. “We are working under the guidance of our president Nicolás Maduro, who has expressed extreme concern about the situation caused by the rains in Sucre and Monagas,” Villarroel explained.

He highlighted that, in a responsible manner, Governor Luna took care of the affected communities in the Acosta municipality with the support of the National Risk Management System, as a sign of the Revolution's commitment to the most vulnerable communities.

Impact of storm Beryl in Acosta

After at least three hours of rain, the flooding of the Cocollar River caused structural damage of 70 percent in CPT 2 of the Tropezón sector and the doctors' residence in the Las Delicias sector, San Francisco parish, in addition to other damage in some nearby homes.

Likewise, in San Antonio de Capayacuar, the current of the Colorado River destroyed the infrastructure and pipes of the collection system that supplies water to the water treatment plant. Aguas de Monagas will carry out maintenance on the pump immediately.

After the technical survey, the Secretary of Citizen Security reported that a total of 178 people belonging to 47 families were affected by the rain that hit not only the north of Monagas, but also the state of Sucre, where human and material losses were recorded in Cumanacoa due to the flooding of the Manzanares River.

Contingency plan in the Caripe municipality

The mayor of the Caripe municipality, Dalila Rosillo, published through her Instagram that she made a contingency plan in the face of the heavy rains that occurred due to the passage of Hurricane Beryl, causing flooding due to the flooding of the Caripe and San Juan rivers, which affected homes with entrance and exit. of water in several communities without human injuries.

Rosillo highlighted that the activities included clearing roads, cutting trees and cleaning with crews and shovel-type machinery, to later carry out washing with a tanker truck of the main roads for the free movement of vehicles and people.

“All these actions coordinated with prevention and security agencies, líder"is of communities and streets together with Corpoelec to correct the electrical failures presented."

He also received the guidance of the personnel sent by the Governor of the state such as G/D Romel Romero Rodríguez, commander of the Zodi Monagas 52 and General Jonatan Morales director of Firefighters to carry out coordinated work in perfect civic-military-police union.

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