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Study opportunities fair 2024 began in Monagas

A total of 12 higher education institutions offer their university degrees to future high school graduates in the entity.

In the city of Maturín, Monagas state, at the facilities of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV), the Opportunities Expofair was set up with a total of 12 higher education institutions that offer their university careers to future high school graduates, as reported. the Minister of University Education, Sandra Oblitas, together with the governor of this eastern entity, Ernesto Luna.

He indicated that with 10 educational establishments in the Maturín municipality of Monagas state, it allowed students to learn about the academic alternatives they can opt for in the different higher education institutions in the entity.

“We began the deployment of the Opportunities Fairs es Estudio 2024, in the states of Trujillo and Monagas, in this federal entity we shared with the student youth of Maturín who, with emotion, commitment and feeling of homeland, visited and verified the training options offered by the Bolivarian government to carry out their university studies,” said Oblitas.

He stated that “this was announced by President Nicolás Maduro, we will be deploying these fairs throughout the national territory,” accompanying the Great Generation of Venezuela Power with the guarantee of access to university education. Students, institutions and the Bolivarian government hand in hand guarantee the constitutional right to study.

Monagas will graduate more than 13 thousand new high school graduates

Governor Ernesto Luna explained that this school year Monagas will graduate more than 13 new high school graduates and all of them have their places guaranteed through the National Income System (SIN).

The regional president explained that these activities have the objective of guiding students in their final year of high school on careers to pursue at universities focused on priority areas for the development of the country.

“Today all the universities in our state are offering a range of opportunities for our boys and girls to choose careers for their university studies. “In you lies the present and the future of our country.” Luna indicated.

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