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Declaration of Independence was commemorated in the regions

They paid honors to the Father of the Nation in all the states of the country this July 5

This Friday, July 5, one of the most relevant episodes in the history of the nation is commemorated from Bolívar Square in Maturín, Monagas state, the day of the Signing of the Act of Independence, an event that occurred on this same date in the year. 1811.

The activity began with the traditional mass in the San Simón church, with Father Miguel Febres, parish priest of the temple, who highlighted in his speech the commitment to commemorate together with the Venezuelan people the 213 years of the beginning of the independence process that promoted the birth of a Free and sovereign Republic, under the leadership of the Liberator and Father of the Homeland, Simón Bolívar.

Meanwhile, those present raised a prayer to the almighty for a free, tolerant and respected Venezuela.

Subsequently, they made a floral offering before the Father of the Nation and with a minute of silence in honor of the victims of the passage of Hurricane Beryl in Cumanacoa, Sucre state, the protocol ceremony began by the Legislative Council of the Monagas state, together with the second commander and chief of the General Staff of Zone Command 51 of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), Major General Luis López Romero; and the secretary of power for public management of the government of Monagas, Cosme Arzolay.

Inheriting generation

Meanwhile, the commander general, Luis Consagra López Romero, who served as speaker of order, highlighted in his speech that the Declaration of Independence made by Congress on July 5, 1811, was a historical event due to which Venezuelans and the Venezuelans commemorate the 213 years of glorious independence, which constitutes an event of high significance for our lives and the life of the Homeland.

Falcón was also part of the independence story

This July 5, when the 213th anniversary of the Signing of the Independence Act and Day of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces is celebrated, the honors in Falcón took place in the Plaza Bolívar de Coro (Miranda municipality).

The military authority that led the stop of 185 combatants, between military and police, was the Commander of the Western Comprehensive Maritime and Insultar Defense Zone (Zodimainoc), V/A Andrés Eloy Arbeláez, while the civil authority was Governor Víctor Clark Boscan.

The keynote speaker was the Commander of the Bolivarian National Guard, Juan José Campos Díaz, who offered a historical dissertation in which he highlighted that the Signing of the Act of Independence was due to the declaration made on April 19 against the Spanish yoke, which Later it was consolidated with the Battle of Carabobo and the Naval Battle of Lake Maracaibo.

“Today more than ever it is July 5 in the face of imperialist attempts to dominate us, there is a free, sovereign and independent people willing to defend their nation together with a united and monolithic Bolivarian National Armed Force,” he indicated.

For his part, the regional president pointed out that several pages of history were also written from Falcón with the rebellion of the zambo José Leonardo Chirino, the raising of the tricolor for the first time from La Vela de Coro and the Battle of Los Taques as a preamble to the Naval Battle of the Lake.

The occasion was propitious to award the Felipe Batista medal to Governor Víctor Clark, the commander of the Zodimainoc, the Commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone (Zodi), V/A Félix Arnós Rodríguez, the secretary of citizen security, G/ B Miguel Morales Miranda and the speaker of order.

While the governor presented the Juan Crisóstomo Falcón order, the only one of its kind, to the commanders of the ZODI and Zodimainoc plus the speaker of the order.

In Zulia they celebrated the declaration of independence

July 5 was remembered with honors, in the celebration of the 213 years of the Declaration of Independence, in the state of Zulia.

With various events, the state government carried out a program that began at 8 in the morning, with a solemn mass celebrated in the Holy Cathedral Church and was attended by representatives of the public powers, consular corps, mayors of municipalities and civil society.

Following the program, the central event was held in Plaza Bolívar, chaired by the Secretary of Security and Public Order of the State of Zulia, Ernesto Ibarra.

The wreath-laying ceremony was carried out by the regional authorities, including the Legislative Council, public powers, mayors' offices and the consular body.

They render honors from the historic capital of Venezuela

With a military parade, from very early in the morning, civil and military authorities from Bolívar Square in Ciudad Bolívar, paid honors with the customary floral offering to the Liberator Simón Bolívar and raising of the flag to celebrate the 213 years of the independence of Venezuela .

The activity was attended by the Secretary of Government, Brizeida Quiñones, the commander of the Zodi Bolívar, G/D Enio Flores León and other representatives of the regional executive cabinet, as well as the entity's high military command.

It was the Bolívar state between the years 1819 and 1821, provisional capital of Venezuela and home of The Liberator Simón Bolívar, the place where one of the most important speeches originated and immortalized, as was the Angostura speech that has served as a route for the feat. of the entire Bolivarian doctrine.

Tuyeros commemorate the 213th anniversary of Independence

The Bolívar squares of the six municipalities of the Valles del Tuy, Miranda state, were dressed up to commemorate the 213th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Venezuela, this Friday. 

In Ocumare del Tuy, the event had a large participation of the community. There was a police stop led by officials from the Tomás Lander Municipal Police, State Police, Bolivarian National Police, Scientific Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc), Civil Protection and Disaster Administration. 

The security authorities and the Municipal Autonomous Institute of Culture and the Arts (Iamca) conferred an ecological wreath before the pedestrian statue of the Father of the Nation, Liberator Simón Bolívar. 

The Secretary of Citizen Security, Miguel Escalante, highlighted the importance of citizen participation in the construction of a peaceful and prosperous country. “We are fundamental pieces in the transition, in the transformation of peace in our country,” said Escalante.

The chronicler Pedro Rengifo recalled the heroic deed of our liberators and insisted on the commitment to the defense of the homeland.

Subsequently, the Iamca theater team, directed by Professor José Ismael Lozada, presented an emotional performance called “That July 05th”, where this historical event so significant for the Venezuelan nation was relived.

In the Rafael Urdaneta municipality, the commemorative events were presided over by Colonel Richard Hurtado, second commander of the Comprehensive Defense Management Bodies (ODDI), and the Secretary General of the Government of the Mayor's Office of Urdaneta, Eduardo Matos. The day included a civil-military parade and the floral offering to the statue of the Liberator Simón Bolívar.

Hurtado took the opportunity to call for unity and commitment to building a better future for Venezuela. “We must continue fighting for the independence and sovereignty of our homeland,” said the colonel.

In Santa Lucía and Charallave, civic-military-police parades and floral offerings were also carried out. 

Yaracuy celebrated the 231st anniversary of the signing of the Independence Act

The government of the Bolivarian state of Yaracuy commemorated this Friday, the declaration of Independence with an event that took place in Plaza Bolívar in San Felipe.

The keynote speaker at the activity was G/B (GNB) Gustavo León Niño, who in his eloquent speech reviewed the events that led to the declaration of Independence of Venezuela, 213 years ago.

“Today more than ever, on Independence Day, we, the children of Guaicaipuro, Bolívar and Chávez, reaffirm the commitment to defend and maintain what was achieved 213 years ago, declaring ourselves before the empires of the world as a free republic, independent, revolutionary, socialist and anti-imperialist,” emphasized General León Niño.

Bruzual also remembered the importance of July 5

Meanwhile, in Plaza Bolívar in Chivacoa, a protocol ceremony was held led by Mayor Carlos González and other municipal and military authorities of the jurisdiction.

“We are rebels, we carry it in our soul, that is why we will not allow any oppressive boot of imperialism to mount again on our homeland. The story continues, in the daily fight for a free and sovereign homeland, which we will demonstrate on July 28 when we have a resounding victory with President Nicolás Maduro so that they leave us in peace,” he stressed.

Trujillanos commemorated 213 years of independence

In the Plaza Bolívar of the capital Trujillo municipality, the people together with the civil, military and police authorities commemorated the 213 years of the Signing of Independence of Venezuela, as well as the Day of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, with a civic-military-police parade floral offerings before the equestrian statue of the Liberator.

The speech was given by G/D Pablo José Bravo Parra, second commander and chief of staff of the Los Andes Strategic Comprehensive Defense Region (Redi), who recalled that 213 years ago the Venezuelan people decided to be free and independent.

“All Venezuelans have that genetic burden of freedom. There is no empire, whatever its name, that can come to cross our borders and try to enslave us as happened in that independence era. “We decided to be free,” he expressed.

Bravo Parra added that with the commemorative events in each Bolívar Square in the country, Venezuelans remind the world of their decision to be free and sovereign together with the Armed Forces in their fight against "any empire that seeks to undermine our tranquility, happiness and our independence."

Recognition to the Fanb

Through his user on the social network Instagram, Governor Gerardo Márquez also highlighted that “never again will any empire subdue our sacred soil, today more than ever in battle for the sovereignty of the Homeland, loyal to the immortal libertarian and Bolivarian legacy. More than 200 years ago, we decided to be free and independent!”

Guárico commemorated 213 years of the Independence of Venezuela

Guárico commemorated this Wednesday the 213 years of the victory over the Spanish yoke, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, on July 5, 1811.

The civic-military police event took place in Plaza Bolívar in San Juan de los Morros, and was led by Governor José Vásquez, together with G/D Luis Adolfo Rosales Molina, commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone (ZODI N °35).

Members of the regional Executive, Bolivarian National Armed Forces, Legislative Council and Rómulo Gallegos University (Unerg), honored the statue of the father of the country, Simón Bolívar, with the delivery of floral offerings.

The opening speech was given by Dr. César Gómez, rector of Unerg, who made reference to the independence history and Bolívar's struggles to achieve the country's freedom.

"July 5, 1811 was a bright day, one of the most important in our history... A group raised its voice and declared us as a free people, that day we stopped being for others and began to be for ourselves," he said.

For his part, the regional president, José Vásquez, highlighted the role that the Guárico state has played on the path to the independence of Venezuela, indicating that this plain land has given birth to great heroes who accompanied the Liberator, among whom Juan Germán stood out. Roscio Nieves, Juan José Rondón and others.

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