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They continue to assist families affected by the rains in Monagas

In the Acosta municipality they delivered household goods and food to the families who are in the shelters, and activated health operations

A total of 56 families from the Acosta municipality, specifically from the Cocollar, Tristé, La Manga, Villa Coral, and Los Naranjos sectors, among others, were affected, of which 25 still remain in the two shelters enabled.

Governor Ernesto Luna directed the deployment of his work team in the municipality to care for families affected by the floods caused by Hurricane Beryl.

The director of the Governor's Office, María Gabriela Villarroel, led the delegation of officials who were deployed over the weekend to expedite attention.

“Here we have remained providing continuous care to our brothers in the name of President Nicolás Maduro and Governor Ernesto Luna. We supply water daily through cisterns, we have carried out three health operations and we guarantee daily food for the 25 families who are in the shelters,” he indicated.

He reiterated the commitment of the governor of Monagas to guarantee the well-being of all those affected, which is why he is already advancing projects for the construction of a school and an outpatient clinic in the town of Las Delicias.

Delivery of belongings

As a sign of the regional president's solidarity, household goods were delivered to 39 families from the Los Naranjos and Villa Coral sectors of San Antonio de Capayacuar.

Villarroel highlighted that, together with the political team of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), these families who lost most of their belongings were given double and individual mattresses, refrigerators and kitchens.

In this sense, the person responsible for organizing the PSUV in Acosta, Verónica Villarroel, thanked the President and the Governor for all the actions they have been carrying out to solve the situation faced by these families.

“The solidarity of our leaders has been present at this time for these families, so it is a clear demonstration that this is a Government committed to the people,” he expressed.

To monitor the flow of the Colorado River and verify the damage caused, the director of the Governor's Office toured the most vulnerable sectors in the company of the Secretary of Citizen Security, Colonel Eduardo Almérida Padrón; the commander of the Monagas State Fire Department, Jonathan Morales, and the director of Civil Protection, Iván Monagas.

The water reactivation work has already begun

The supply of drinking water through the San Antonio de Capayacuar water treatment plant still remains paralyzed, however, work to reactivate it has already begun.

To verify the status of these works, the catchment area was visited, which resulted in damage due to the force and volume of water from the Colorado River.

The president of Aguas de Monagas, Beltrán López, was also part of the delegation that was deployed in the Acosta municipality and took the opportunity to report that the work to install a pump in the catchment area will be completed no later than Wednesday of this week to restart water supply.

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