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With comprehensive days they celebrated Grandfather's Day in the regions

Great Mission Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Homeland deployed medical, cultural and recreational activities to celebrate older adults

This Wednesday, older adults in the state of Trujillo celebrated their National Day with social, medical, cultural and recreational events, which were accompanied by the Bolivarian government.

At the Sports Institute of the state of Trujillo (Indet), located in the San Luis parish of the city of Valera, more than 400 grandparents from eight municipalities of the entity were benefited with the mega day of comprehensive care organized by the Government, the grouping and social movements that make active life in the region.

In this regard, the first combatant of the entity and president of the El Niño Simón Regional Foundation, Reyna Pérez de Márquez, highlighted the protection and inclusion granted by President Nicolás Maduro and the Bolivarian revolution to this age group.

“Today we have shared with the grandparents the affection and love that they transmit. Thank you to President Nicolás Maduro for giving us the opportunity to be here serving all these grandparents, today to celebrate Senior Citizens' Day, with attention to ophthalmology, recreation, makeup, manicure, in addition to nutritional assessment. “We are giving them the love and affection that they deserve,” he expressed.

For her part, the regional coordinator of the missions and large missions as well as director of Social and Participatory Development, Angélica Morón, explained that the grandparents attended to in this mega social day belong to the Homes for the Elderly located in 8 municipalities of the entity.

“Today we are serving more than 400 older adults from eight municipalities who live an active life in the homes of the elderly in each municipality. This social day called More years more love, is a vertex of the Great Mission Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Homeland created by our president Nicolás Maduro,” he stressed.

During the activity, the grandparents tasted nutritious foods such as fororo pancakes, whole grain cookies, and nutrichicha; They also enjoyed dancing, singing and cultural events, as well as dental medical care and delivery of completely free medicines.

Celebration in Trujillo capital

In the Trujillo municipality, older adults also celebrated their day with a thanksgiving mass in the Nuestra Señora de la Paz cathedral church, floral offerings before the father of the country and cultural and recreational activities, craft exhibitions and plays in Bolívar Square.

Alfredo Matos, coordinator of the Mercedes Calderón Adult and Senior Adult Movement, thanked the participation of various musical and cultural groups from the capital city, such as El ruiseñor de Tres Esquinas, La Abuela Rafaela, Cristóbal Mendoza literacy group, Grupo Rosca, Recabitas , The Bolivarian Children, as well as the funny, outgoing and famous Trujillo character Captain Barrios, who made more than one of those present laugh.

“We are celebrating our day, it is a national day and here in the Trujillo municipality, older adults attended this cultural and musical event that included the participation of various cultural groups. It is an important day because we are also celebrating the Great Mission Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Homeland to benefit us all. Thanks to the revolution, older adults are a power and that fills us with pride,” he emphasized.

In this sense, the municipality published through its user on the social network Instagram the presentation of recognition to the participants of the play “Los niños del sol”, which was organized and performed by members of the Mercedes Adults and Seniors Movement Calderon.

It should be noted that the event was organized by the Mercedes Calderón Adult and Senior Movement, with the support of the Government through the Institute of Culture and the Arts (Incaet) and the Mayor's Office of the Trujillo municipality.

Tribute to older adults

As part of the celebration of the National Day of the Elderly, in the facilities of the Alejandro Próspero Reverend Geriatric Hospital in the Trujillo municipality, grandparents were favored with a day of medical care, a special lunch, and cultural and recreational activities.

This was announced by the director of the aforementioned hospital, Brígida Rosales, who pointed out the importance of sharing “with our grandfathers and grandmothers, all of this within the framework of the Great Mission Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Homeland. Today the seniors enjoyed a delicious special lunch accompanied by musical groups, cultural activities and much more.”

Monaguenses celebrated Challenge and Grandpa and Grandma Day

This May 29, the people of Monaco celebrated with great enthusiasm the World Challenge Day and the National Grandfather and Grandmother Day with recreational, sports and medical care days.

The older adults celebrated with a day of health care and recreation, at the Dr. Ernesto “Ché” Guevara Comprehensive High Technology Diagnostic Center, where they benefited more than 350 grandparents with general and internal medicine, ophthalmology, cardiology, dentistry, ultrasound , as well as deworming, immunization and electroencephalography services, reported the governor of Monagas, Ernesto Luna.

In addition to recreational activities, spa, hairdressing, registration and scanning in the Patria System and the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS).

The day was held within the framework of the first vertex of this great mission that seeks to guarantee the health, social security and protection of grandparents.  

More than 15 thousand people from Monaco celebrate World Challenge Day

More than 15 thousand people from Monaco participated in recreational and sports activities within the framework of World Challenge Day, as detailed by Edwin Arcia, State director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Arcia indicated that like every May 28, World Challenge Day is celebrated, and Monagas did not escape joining this global celebration.

“As President Nicolás Maduro directed, today is a special day for physical activity where more than 30 countries celebrate this day together,” he said.

He explained that all the 13 municipalities that make up the state simultaneously develop these activities such as; free dance, functional and isometric training, crossfit circuit, sand volleyball, sand soccer and agility and skills circuit.

This activity is done in conjunction with the recreation table for Good Living, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Monagas state institute, and the Maturín municipality sports institute.

“Youth athletes are present in this activity, and we also march to demonstrate that Monagas is healthy and that it takes on the physical challenge in recreational activities,” said Elier Aníbal, director of the movement for peace and life in the state of Monagas. .

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