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With two short films, Monagas participates in the film festival in Margarita

For the first time, Monagas participates in the "universities" category in the event that takes place from June 16 to 20 in Nueva Esparta

The Monagas state participates in the National Film Festival that takes place on Margarita Island in Nueva Esparta from June 16 to 20, with two short films from the School of Cinema and Audiovisual Media of Oriente (Ecima), as revealed by Ylhuibeth Ortiz , director of this cinematographic institution.

“This would be the first time that the eastern state has two nominees by official selection in the universities category, competing among 15 other schools and higher education institutions in the country,” said Ortiz.

He stated that the audiovisuals titled “Empty” and “Luciano” are the result of the training process that Ecima carries out during the year, under the learning-by-doing methodology.

In his speech, Ortiz expressed that there are no limits to creating, these two short films are made with cell phones under the mentorship of Ecima facilitators, a space that focuses on participants learning by doing and where they teach from the base of audiovisual language. for creating stories.

At the same time, he explained that “these films went through a pre-selection process before being sent, since they represent what we do as educators of cinema and audiovisual art in Monagas, we are proud to be present at the National Film Festival.”

Synopsis of the short

Carlos G. Tomasetig tells us the story “Luciano,” which shows how family and determination can lead us to build great things, leaving a lasting mark on the place we choose to call home.

For her part, in “Empty”, Sofía fights against bulimia, anxiety and depression. These disorders are personified in Mia, who, being her conscience, will torment her daily to remind her of the struggle she has with them, including the problem of self-acceptance and a sense of guilt. Taking Sofia into the misery of her existence, only as long as she allows it.

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