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Mural City reached the streets of Caripe with 13 artistic expressions

They inaugurated the art pieces that were captured by local, regional, national and international artists

The International Traveling Festival of Muralism -Ciudad Mural- arrived for 7 consecutive days in Caripe, Monagas to give life to 13 murals that beautify the streets of the historic center of the “Jardín de Oriente”, within the framework of the development of the Ciudad Mural Festival “Caripe 2024” the brushstrokes of 25 plastic artists who captured the history and idiosyncrasy of the Caripenses were recounted.

Governor Ernesto Luna and the mayor of this jurisdiction, Dalila Rosillo, participated in the festival, accompanied by the organizing team of this national-class event - headed by Erika Farías - inaugurated the artistic pieces.

With great excitement and excitement, the regional president highlighted that this is the seventh edition at the national level and the first Mural City in Monagas, since the intention of this festival, which is part of the vertices of the Great Mission Viva Venezuela, is to leave its contribution in each municipality of the state.

For her part, the mayor of Caripe, Dalila Rosillo, expressed her gratitude for all the benefits that this artistic project left in the streets of this town.

“I want to thank President Nicolás Maduro, our Governor and the Ciudad Mural team, for exalting the value and all the natural beauty that my beloved municipality has. Today we see its mountains, its flowers, its crops, our farmers and our indigenous people captured. . Grateful to everyone and God bless you,” he expressed.

Likewise, the community producer of the “Ciudad Mural” International Festival, Margoth Sivira, expressed that this cultural program seeks to bring to its maximum expression the idiosyncrasy of Caripe, its customs, routines, ancestral history and farm work.

“For a week we have been cradled by the green jungle, by the flowering of the mornings, by majestic mountains and the religiosity of the Guácharo. Guarded by the ancestry of the Chaimas and Urimare “The Protector”. In this fertile and extensive land with the smell of coffee, cocoa and fresh fruit, we have decided to lift our souls and become part of the constant heartbeat,” said Sivira.


Félix Manuel Barreto Lisboa, was the artist honored in the seventh edition of the Mural City Festival “Caripe 2024”, for his long artistic career in the jurisdiction.

Barreto thanked the entire organization of this festival for recognizing the contribution that it has made to Caribbean culture for many years.

The creators in Monagas

Margoth Sivira explained that three local plastic artists, nine national and one international, from the neighboring country Colombia, capture in the canvases of each wall, house facade and open space the charm of this wonderful town and the charisma of the people.

The artists chosen for this edition were Tony Montana AKA “Street Artist”. Miguel Guerra, Javier Di Muro AKA “Dimuros” Joseph Blanco AKA 'MERAKI', Miler Ruiz AKA “Saint'”, Yetzaline León AKA 'Yetzinha', Andrés Bless AKA 'Bless', Félix Barreto, Jimena Zorrilla, Amanda Rodríguez, Jesús Sotillet , Iván Maican and Juan Barón AKA “Baron Art”.

“In this seventh edition, and first in Caripe, of the Ciudad Mural Festival, we leave an indelible mark that permeates every feature and characteristics of this region.”  

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