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Aragua de Maturín participated in a march in support of Maduro

Piar carried out a massive mobilization for the cry to end the sanctions imposed by the United States

This Thursday, June 13, the capital of the Piar municipality, Aragua de Maturín, Monagas state, staged a massive mobilization for the clamor to end the sanctions imposed by the United States and to strongly support the management of President Nicolás Maduro.

With perseverance and perseverance, thousands of Piareños, in the middle of the downpour, marched from the Aragua de Maturín obelisk to Bolívar Street, singing loudly, “They will not return.”

The mobilization was led by Governor Ernesto Luna, the mayor of this jurisdiction, Mariangelys Tillero, together with the popular power, Gran Polo Patriotico, líderIt is from the street, and bosses of UBCh.

In an atmosphere of victory, facing the presidential elections on July 28, the regional president stated that, "Venezuela continues to be a project under construction, in transit towards a higher education that is Bolivarian socialism."

He indicated that this popular mobilization of empowerment builds strength and multiplication to achieve victory on election day.

"Without anything left inside me, but the most pronounced mobilization has been that of Piar, I tell you with sincerity, the joy of this town shows that it is Chavista territory."

Meanwhile, Mariangelys Tillero in her speech expressed that hope is in the streets and nothing and no one will stop the resounding victory of the Bolivarian Revolution. “We join together today in the great revolutionary march to reaffirm the commitment to the victory of our president Nicolás Maduro.”

“In the midst of the trauma of the opposition and its henchmen, the revolution and peace will prevail, and we are demonstrating it through the discipline and perseverance of 1×10, where we have a militancy that is clear, and knows where it is going. ”Tillero exclaimed.

Likewise, with enthusiasm, banners, pennants, whistles and banners, the supporters of Nicolás Maduro's government closed their mobilization by expressing once again, "Maduro will continue."

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