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Earthquake of magnitude 4,2 in Mérida was felt in eight municipalities

Governor Jehyson Guzmán reported that so far there are no reports of injuries, material damage or landslides.

A magnitude 4,2 earthquake recorded on the night of Tuesday, June 4, in the state of Mérida caused damage to a home, authorities reported.

The Venezuelan Foundation for Seismological Research (Funvisis) He stated that the earthquake occurred at 11:31 pm and its epicenter was 13 km northeast. from Merida.

The vice minister for Risk Management and Civil Protection, Carlos Pérez Ampueda, for his part indicated that “Officials from the National Risk Management System were deployed to evaluate possible damages and determined the structural damage to a home in the Libertador municipality that had cracks from consideration on the walls.

The earthquake was felt in eight municipalities: Libertador, Campo Elias, Santos Marquina, Caracciolo Parra y Olmedo, Rangel, Cardenal Quintero, Miranda and Pueblo Nuevo, added in X.

Funvisis reported that between Tuesday, June 4 and Wednesday, June 5, there were four tremors in the area of ​​Mérida state.

In addition to the 4,2 earthquake, on Tuesday there were unfelt earthquakes at 5:34 pm with a magnitude of 2.9 to 5 km southwest of Apartaderos, and at 10:44 pm from 3.5 to 14 km east of Mérida. At 12:02 am on Wednesday there was another earthquake of magnitude 2,9 25 km east of Mérida.

The area of ​​greatest seismic activity in Venezuela corresponds to a strip of about 100 km wide, defined along the mountain systems of the Andes, the Central and Eastern Cordillera, recalled Vice Minister Pérez Ampueda. The main seismogenic fault systems of the country are located in these places: Boconó, San Sebastián and El Pilar.

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