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They recover the Monument to the Snowy Dog in Mucuchíes

The monument was recovered with the support of the Great Venezuela Bella Mission in the state of Mérida.

The Great Venezuela Bella Mission recovers the Monument to the Nevado Dog, located in the Rangel municipality (Mucuchíes), where the photocell system was installed to continue the beautification of public space.

The regional director of the Great Venezuela Bella Mission, Andrés Rodrigo, explained that the photocell circuit allows the lights to be turned off with sunlight. Additionally, lights, reflectors were placed and flags will be installed to give life to what was happening again. It is the monument to celebrate the Bolívar Pass in the Admirable Campaign.

He pointed out that it is a historical, tourist space due to its location on the trans-Andean route, which the Bolivarian Government has returned for the enjoyment and recreation of locals and visitors with its progressive rehabilitation.

The comprehensive rehabilitation began in the last quarter of 2023, among the works carried out to improve the space are the construction of perimeter walls, the stone walls that contained the planters, as well as restoration of the paths, benches and weeding of the site, Rodrigo said.

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