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Venezuela and the Dominican Republic will review routes and air frequencies

Air operations between both countries remain normal

Venezuela and the Dominican Republic agreed to hold a working group to review route and air frequency assignments, in order to modernize them for the benefit of the airlines of both countries.

The president of the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) of the Dominican Republic, Marte Piantini, announced on his account Air operations between both countries are active.

Piatini indicated that, in conversations with the Minister of Transportation of Venezuela Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, it was agreed to install this working table "and review our bilateral, especially the route and frequency assignments."

Minister Velásquez Araguayán ratified the agreement on his account regular and non-regular with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. We continue to promote the air connection between our towns, with respect and cordiality,” the official said.

The notice

On May 17, the JAC issued a statement indicating that as of Monday, May 27, Venezuelan airlines had to begin their recertification before the aeronautical authority of the Dominican Republic, to begin a process of “reevaluation of the behavior of the airlines, with the purpose of guaranteeing the sustainability of each route.”

Starting this Monday the 27th, the Venezuelan airline companies that cover this route: Laser, Avior and La Venezolana had to submit again, to the Civil Aviation Board, requests for air operations under any modality.

Venezuela receives a flight from the Dominican Republic operated by Sky Hight Aviation, on the Maiquetía-Santo Domingo route and would begin operating the Maracaibo-Santo Domingo route as of June 7.

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