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Venezuela guarantees health despite sanctions

Through the 1x10, public health policies are perfected

Defending the public health model, despite the illegal sanctions imposed by the United States, was part of the arguments in the intervention of the Venezuelan delegation at the 77th World Health Assembly being held in Geneva (Switzerland).

The Vice Minister of Collective Health, Jesús Osteicochea, representative of the Venezuelan committee, expressed: “The vision of health for all in our country has had to face great challenges, given the 930 anti-human unilateral coercive measures that favor the increase in diseases, due to the obstacle to acquire medicines and other supplies necessary for their prevention and control, which is why we request the lifting of these sanctions,” according to a press release.

He highlighted the importance of the democratization of health as an element for achieving global development goals.

Osteicochea also stressed that the country considers health as a constitutional right, which is why through the Ministry in charge of this matter, 28 programs are contemplated for the assistance of the community.

Likewise, he highlighted the creation of the 1X10 Good Government system, as a digital platform, “to determine in real time, the individual and collective difficulties of our communities; the Military Community Brigades (Bricomiles), through which health infrastructure capacities are being recovered,” he asserted.

The vice minister also highlighted the training program for health professionals and Health Sciences Hugo Chávez Frías, with the aim of achieving universal health coverage.

“Our country has managed to make its way with firm health policies supported by the great social missions where all communities have at least one public health center ready to provide care,” he said.

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