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Venezuela debates lunar activities

Ratified commitment to international treaties for the peaceful use of space

Venezuela participates in the first conference on the sustainability of lunar activities, held at the United Nations (UN), where the importance of continuous dialogue and global cooperation to carry out safe operations on the Moon was highlighted.

This first conference brought together líderrepresentatives of space agencies, astronauts, organizations, representatives of academies, among others, says a press release from Mppcyt.

The Venezuelan delegation is headed by Adolfo Godoy, president of the Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (ABAE), an entity attached to the Ministry of Science and Technology (Mincyt).

Godoy ratified the commitment of the Bolivarian Government to international treaties for the peaceful use of space.

At this meeting, held in Vienna, Austria, it was discussed how the exploration of the Moon became a fundamental axis for scientific research.

During the day, a first session called “Coordination and Communication of Sustainable Activities on the Moon” was held, where the need for robust communication for safe and sustainable operations was addressed.

The priority for the participants was the exchange of information to ensure safety in lunar activities.

Subsequently, a second session called “Commercial Activities / Perspectives on Lunar Coordination and Communication” was held, which discussed the role of public-private partnerships and commercial companies in lunar exploration.

The National Government maintains a work policy on space matters with the signing of different exchange agreements with China.

Venezuela and China share the Memorandum of Understanding on Technical Cooperation on the Utilization and Exploration of the Peaceful Use of Outer Space, an instrument that constituted the beginning of a series of agreements that include, not only the launch of satellites, but the construction of a series of infrastructures for the sovereign management of space technology from Venezuela, and the specialized training of resources and trained human talent.

Among the projects is the inclusion of Venezuela in the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) project, which contemplates lunar and deep space exploration.

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