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There are 4 million cases resolved by the 1×10 of Good Government

Maduro recalled that the method was created to detect and solve the problems of the people anchored to the VenApp

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, presented this Monday the milestone of 4 million cases resolved by the 1×10 method of the Good government, an initiative created 2 years ago by the head of state to “detect and solve the problems of the people anchored to the VenApp with direct access to the population.”

“If the 1×10 has been as good for political effectiveness and winning elections as we have won; The 1×10 must also be good at receiving reports and giving answers and solutions to people,” said Maduro, while recalling how this social tool for action and solutions was created.

He recalled that it was in the Poliedro of Caracas where he launched the method that in the first year 1 million reported cases were attended to and solved and that in the second year there are already 3 million cases. “The 4 millionth case falls precisely in the state of Zulia, in Cabimas,” reported President Maduro in his program Con Maduro +, edition 46.

The Zulia entity reports more than 70 percent effectiveness of the cases reported through the VenApp application, so the liaison of the Ambrosio parish and member of the UBCh, Rafael María Baralt, Raguis José Casanova requested the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Complex of Manuela Saenz Health, an action that benefited more than 27 thousand families from the point and circle.

“With the VenApp we guarantee the reactivation of the Health Complex for our people,” Casanova highlighted.

For his part, the president of Corpozulia, Néstor Reverol added that more than 10 thousand square meters were reconditioned; In addition to the implementation of 38 specialties and services and, together with the Ministry of Health, more than 451 pieces of equipment were assigned for the benefit of the population.

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