HomeLifeAbout 8 thousand families benefited from the Nercy Blanco Mission Base

About 8 thousand families benefited from the Nercy Blanco Mission Base

The Caucagüita community will be benefited with workshops, Food Houses, Grandfathers and Grandmothers Club and daily care homes

The governor of the state of Miranda, Héctor Rodríguez, this Thursday handed over the Nercy Blanco Mission Base, rehabilitated by the four levels of government, which will serve 8.600 families in the sector.

This center, located in the Brisas de Turumo sector of the Caucagüita parish, Sucre municipality, offers arts and crafts training workshops, and now the food house will operate and the adult population will be served, through the Grandparents Club. mayors of the point and circle of the commune, refers to the web portal of the Miranda government.

Likewise, educational plans and the daily care home will continue, in addition to activities and classes in culture, singing and dance, while, in the health area, the population will be served with general medicine and nutrition services. .

The regional leader highlighted the importance of the four levels of government: national, regional, municipal and communal, working together and coordinated to carry out the consolidation of the Mission Bases in the entity.

“This is an installation where all the missions are coming together. We have to ensure that, in the territory, the four levels of government can meet and that we are not dispersed, so that the resources yield. While, if we focus on one point of action and from there we serve everyone, everyone puts the resources they have and therefore there will be greater capacity to care for our people,” said Rodríguez. 

Only in socialism

For his part, the mayor of Sucre, José Vicente Rangel Ávalos, indicated the importance of the restoration of the Nercy Blanco Mission Base. He assured that only with the Bolivarian Revolution and socialism is it possible to serve the population equally.

“We have a project that is for all human beings in our Venezuela, socialism. There are those who do not have a country project. We do have it, the construction of a democratic, socialist, humanist, peace homeland, and we are working for that, with a lot of effort,” he expressed.

Prior to the delivery of the Nercy Blanco Mission Base, the Mirandino Governor inspected the packing work in the Bransón sector, located in the same parish, while reviewing the projects carried out by the communes regarding the maintenance of hydraulic works, among others.

Finally, Rodríguez delivered new lights to the community. He indicated that in the parish the lighting project required by the sector is advancing by 60 percent.

“As we buy, we will have more lights. We will continue working to improve services, security and social issues. The key to all this is the organization of the people to defend all these achievements, because now those who filled the country with hatred and violence appear, those who asked for sanctions and interventions with pure lies to reach out and sow hatred,” he concluded.

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