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Cyclonic season puts authorities on alert

Entities attend to landslides in Coche and Turumo

This Saturday the formal start hurricane season, which will directly affect the country, intensifying the rainfall that has occurred due to the passage of the first and second tropical waves.

Reidy Zambrano, president of the National Institute of Meteorology and HydrologyHe said, through VTV, that they are monitoring weather conditions through a situational room, with the aim of being attentive to emergency situations that may arise.

He indicated that the second tropical wave is already in the north of the country and that the third could be entering today, Sunday.

Likewise, he recalled that, due to global warming, it is expected that in the coming months the El Niño phenomenon will weaken and La Niña will appear, which is why temperatures are expected to decrease and precipitation will increase.

“We are in a global climate emergency, as demonstrated by the high temperatures recorded in recent years in the world, with very hot temperatures, which leads us to be very attentive and stay informed about the development of climate events,” stated the owner. of Inameh.

They attend to emergencies

The commander of the Caracas Fire Department, Pablo Antonio Palacios, reported on social networks about the landslide that occurred on Las Palmas Street, Turumo urbanization, Sucre municipality, for which the area was evacuated.

La Mayor of Caracas, Carmen Meléndez, pointed out that officials from that office continue to be deployed in the Divino Niño sector, Coche parish, to carry out land layout work, due to the landslides that occurred after the intense rainfall that occurred a few days ago in the city.

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