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They resolve a lawsuit over a house rental debt in Los Eucaliptos

Communal Police mediated so that the owner paid the deposit he owed to the tenant. San Juan officials acted in accordance with the Coexistence Ordinance

In the heart of El Guarataro, specifically in the Los Eucaliptos neighborhood of the San Juan parish of Caracas, a conflict broke out that revolved around an outstanding debt for a deposit for a rental, involving a family nucleus in a dispute that threatened to disturb community harmony.

For this case, the mediation and conflict resolution capacity of the Bolivarian National Police Corps (Cpnb) was put to the test, through its Communal Police Service, an entity to which those involved decided to appeal on the recommendation of a family member who was previously cared for in the module located in the aforementioned Caracas town.

According to inspector Michael Ruiz, the requesting party, represented by a member of the affected family, reported that they had the purpose of renting a home, so it was agreed with the owner of the property to pay a month's deposit for the purpose. for repairs to be made to the space, following the eviction of a previous tenant.

Although they paid, as established, the full amount of the deposit, the restoration work on the property took longer than expected by the owner. Inspector Ruiz pointed out that the representative of those affected alleged that the home repairs were never completed, a situation that forced them to request the return of the deposit made.

However, the property owner had apparently used all the money on repair work. In that sense, given the defendant's refusal to reimburse the money, one of the members of the injured family went to the mediation office of the Cpnb Communal Police in the San Juan parish.


The police force listened carefully to the spokesperson for the affected family group and then proceeded to summon the other party to a meeting at the PNB mediation office.

The official Ruiz, who handled the case, accompanied the dialogue between both factions, allowing them to express their points of view and agree on a date to settle the outstanding debt. Thanks to this intervention, a major conflict was avoided and the foundations for a peaceful resolution were laid.

So that none of those involved would go back on their word, a commitment document was signed, in the presence of the members of the Communal Police Service of the Cpnb of San Juan.

Ruiz highlighted that, since then, the agreed resolution has been respected and constant monitoring of the case has been carried out to guarantee that those involved comply with their part of what was agreed.


In this process, emphasis has been placed on respect for the principles and values ​​of communal peace, established in the Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, Civility and Communal Peace Justice of the Libertador municipality of Caracas. A regulation that governs and ensures the good conduct of Caracas citizens for the benefit of prosperity and respect for the fundamental rights of the members of a community.

Therefore, those involved in the conflict, by committing to comply with the provisions of the joint agreement, accepted that, as inhabitants of the capital city, they must comply with the statutes that make up the ordinance and that pertain to this type of situations. .

To this end, the community's mediation and conflict resolution office advises and reviews the regulations together with those involved, thus exercising its duty as the main promoter of coexistence in El Guarataro.

Ruiz commented that the timely and effective intervention of the service has contributed to resolving conflict situations and fostering an environment of peace and harmony among neighbors. Despite the challenges that may arise, and that threaten citizen coexistence, mediation work has proven to be key to preventing conflicts and strengthening community ties.

He highlighted the success of these actions and reaffirmed his commitment to the safety and well-being of the community. In addition, he considered that joint work between neighbors and authorities should advance, to consolidate an environment of peaceful and respectful coexistence both in the San Juan parish and in the other 21, where conflicts are resolved in a dialogue and constructive manner.


The officials during this procedure acted in accordance with article 10 of the municipal ordinance that promotes the values ​​of communal peace. The regulations emphasize the defense of human rights, co-responsibility, as well as solidarity, transparency, honesty and accountability.

Likewise, as stated in article 6 contained in the section on Fundamental Rights, they applied the provisions of the municipal regulations under the strict recognition of the rights and principles enshrined in the Constitution and Venezuelan laws, which are based on the free development of people and the preeminence of human rights.

Public awareness

Citizen conscience “is the set of principles, norms and values ​​that govern the individuals of a community, generating a sense of belonging, promoting progress, facilitating peaceful coexistence, promoting respect for the common heritage and the recognition of duties. and rights of citizens.”

This is stated, in its article 11, by the Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, Civility and Communal Peace Justice of the Libertador municipality of Caracas, which also establishes corrective and sanctioning measures for those who engage in behavior contrary to civility and communal peace. .

In this sense, the person who commits any act against physical integrity or public or private property, which is referred to in article 18, will be punished with a fine equivalent to the payment in bolivars of 50 times the highest value currency established by the Central Bank of Venezuela or must do community work.

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