HomeLifeThey recover an office in the El Cardón sector

They recover an office in the El Cardón sector

Older adults will have special attention

In response to a request made by the residents of the Altagracia parish, in the Libertador municipality, through the 1×10 of good government, the Barrio Adentro health module located in the El Cardón sector was fully recovered.

The head of Government of the Capital District, Nahum Fernández, was present at the reopening of the clinic and reported that the improvement work was carried out through the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles), which waterproofed the roof , they built a perimeter wall, checked the electrical systems, plumbing and white water pipes.

The health module was also equipped with the medical equipment and medications required for patient care.

He pointed out that with the implementation of this health center, more than 275 families living in the El Cardón and El Ávila sectors will benefit, offering special attention to older adults in the area.

He indicated that this is health module 201 that has been recovered in the capital city, complying with the instructions of President Nicolás Maduro.

He recalled that this Barrio Adentro health program was activated by Commander Hugo Chávez 20 years ago, to offer free, quality health service in the most vulnerable communities.

The neighbors were satisfied with the work and indicated that they will now have their medical consultations in appropriate spaces.

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