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They recover blocks from the Monte Piedad sector

They rehabilitate fields, roofs and common areas that will benefit 1.000 families who live in the sector

The Government of the Capital District (GDC) carries out the recovery of the Monte Piedad sector, 23 de Enero parish, located in Caracas.

The information was announced by the president of the Caracas Housing Foundation (Funvi) Nun Fernández through a post published on the social network Instagram where he details that waterproofing and roof repair work is being carried out, which includes dismantling the expired asphalt layer, restoration, construction of half-rounds and leveling of floor slopes to correct rainwater flow in Zone C: Blocks 9 and 10 / Small Blocks: 11C, 12C, 13C, 14C and 15C Zone D: Blocks 11, 12 and 13 / Small blocks: 15,16,17,18,19,20 and 21.

In this sense, it is planned to rehabilitate a total of 16.800m2 total waterproofing area and 62.000m2 in façade areas.

With the execution of this work, a total of 1000 families who live in this sector will benefit.

Work includes: Repair and cleaning of water tanks, water pipes and stopcocks. Including application of special chlorinated epoxy paint for wall and floor covering.

Painting of facades and direct gas pipes, application of anti-alkaline primer and restoration of structure, lighting work in common areas and recovery of sports fields.

Restoration work in Plaza Alí Primera, including sculpture, gardening, benches and construction of chururata, bio-healthy gyms, repair and painting of perimeter walls and bars throughout the sector and connection and recovery of electricity and direct gas tanks, including doors of garbage deposits and access to roofs.

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