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Carayaca producers bring 30 tons of their crops to Caracas

They are offering directly from producer to consumer, at supportive prices

Agroproducers from the Carayaca parish, La Guaira, are offering their crops in Caracas, directly from producer to consumer, in a display that began on Saturdays, at solidarity prices, reported Darwin Cuffat, coordinator of the point and circle on the Guanábano corner in the Altagracia parish.

He said that the objective is to bring 30 tons per week to different parts of the capital city, which they started with 10 tons that they are offering on the Guanábano corner, on Baralt Avenue.

Bartolo Gil, producer of La Macanilla, in Carayaca, La Guaira state, indicated that they will be on Saturdays offering vegetables and fruits from the production that comes from the La Macanilla, Los Cedros, El Paují, Petaquire and El Arbolito sectors.

“We are bringing fresh legumes to the area, directly from the producer to the consumer, and at supportive prices,” added Gil.

The producer said that they hope to replicate these first days in the coming days in various parts of the capital. In addition, he emphasized that these same agricultural markets are held in various sectors of the state of La Guaira, on weekends.

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