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President orders the recovery of streets and avenues of Barinas

The National President committed to the complete rehabilitation of the Sabaneta Hospital

From the state of Barinas, specifically in Sabaneta de Barinas, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, ordered the Minister of Transportation, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, to implement a paving plan for the recovery of streets and avenues in the state of Barinas.

“I walked around Sabaneta, I just told the mayor that I ordered Minister Velásquez (of Transportation) to come, because we need a paving and patching plan and to fix all the streets here,” he announced.

Maduro ratified the construction of 3 million homes through the Great Venezuela Housing Mission, which is why he asked the 11 communal circuits of Sabaneta to elect a spokesperson only for the housing issue to address the housing issue next Saturday in the Miraflores Palace.

“I received many requests for housing in Sabaneta and we are going to build 3 million more homes,” he said.

Likewise, the National President committed to the complete rehabilitation of the Sabaneta Hospital. “I have received the 1 × 10 report (…) this hospital must be built from scratch, it must be put into a complete package and I am committed, from now on, to putting in the 1 × 10 of Good Government,” he said.

Maduro, who made his pilgrimage through the country, was received with the love and joy of the people of Sabaneta, Barinas state.

“My first thought, my first memory, my first feeling, upon arriving in Sabaneta, is for the memory and immortal spirit of our beloved commander Hugo Chávez Frías. Long live his immortal strength, long live Sabaneta! “He expressed.

In this sense, President Maduro urged the crowd that gathered in Sabaneta to feel in their blood, the blood of the Giant (Chávez). "I always ask God, our Lord Jesus Christ to give me spiritual strength, health, life, to be loyal to the oath I took to our beloved Commander to protect the people of Venezuela."

During the activity, the Dignitary swore in the inhabitants of Sabaneta, Alberto Arvelo Torrealba municipality, Barinas state. “The sacred oath of Sabaneta (…) I feel that today there will be a before and after of this campaign, of this pilgrimage,” he said, confirming that “we must win by knockout in the elections on Sunday, July 28.”

“I swear, from Sabaneta, in the name of God the Father, in the name of Christ the Redeemer, I swear, in the name of the liberators of America, in the name of Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez, I swear by my family, by my community and by my country , that I will not give rest to my arm, nor rest to my soul until I have achieved with great effort the organization of the 1x10x7 and enough strength to win by knockout the elections of July 28 and open the way for our country, for peace, independence, prosperity and the future, from Sabaneta I swear, for now and forever.”

After taking the oath, the national leader called the Barin people “the army of liberators of this historical era.”

He also asked the population of Sabaneta the question: do you want a weak, manipulable president on July 28 or do you want a strong and tough one? Do they want a president without energy or leadership, who does not know Venezuela... or do they prefer a vergatario, do they prefer a pataruco... or do they want a gallo pinto?


Continuing with his pilgrimage through the country, Maduro delivered the fully rehabilitated “Ramón Reinosos Núñez” Educational Unit works that were carried out by the Military Community Brigades of Education and Health (Bricomiles).

The National President also delivered the 22 towers in sector A of the Ciudad Tavacare housing complex that was rehabilitated through the 1X10 of Good Government.

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