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President Maduro reopened popular clinic in La Guaira

The healthcare center executed within the framework of 1x10 of Good Government has modern medical equipment, a state-of-the-art hemodialysis unit, offices and hospitalization.

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The President urged the Falconian people to guarantee 1X10 as a political instrument to obtain victory on June 28

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, reopened this Tuesday the Dr. Alfredo Machado Popular Clinic in the state of La Guaira, for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Catia La Mar parish.

This healthcare center, executed within the framework of 1×10 of Good Government, now has modern medical equipment and a state-of-the-art hemodialysis unit, pediatrics, offices and hospitalization, serving the population that lives in the coastal entity.

“We go from town to town, we go with the People delivering works for public health, for public education, housing, for infrastructure with the 1×10 of Good Government on the one hand repairing, recovering and leaving packages and with hope of the people by delivering this new and very modern Popular Clinic,” said the head of state, while emphasizing that in Venezuela no right-wing government will come to privatize the people's right to health.

On the other hand, the President approved the delivery of 600 new financing to entrepreneurs in this coastal entity.

“600 ventures are born today thanks to the Great Venezuela Young Mission, the Great Venezuela Women Mission, and the Bank of Venezuela,” he emphasized.

He explained that of the approved loans, 735 will be for young people, 725 for women, and 140 for beneficiaries of the Bank of Venezuela.

Joy by José Gregorio Hernández

On the other hand, the Head of State expressed his joy at the signing, by Pope Fransisco, of the canonization of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández.

“Thank you Pope Francis, give me your blessings and my prayers are in favor of you Pope, for your health and your life. With José Gregorio we continue on the path to health. Let's move forward! “He emphasized.

On the other hand, he rejected that the country's ecclesiastical hierarchy had conspired so that the “doctor of the poor” would not be canonized. "Listen to me, conspirator, I know your name and your position and I know that you have thrown back José Gregorio's file, I know it, I know everything about you and the people will know it, I am going to tell them, but José Gregorio is already a Saint," projection.

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