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President Maduro delivers the Brisas de Niño Jesús Mission Base

With the inauguration of the new Misiones Base, the head of state fulfills a request made by the community of El Junquito

This Saturday President Nicolás Maduro made the formal delivery to the community of the Coco Frío sector of El Junquito in Caracas of the new Brisas de Niño Jesús Socialist Mission Base.

During the activity, the head of state highlighted the importance of continuing state policies to promote culture, education, and equality, “building the future,” he stressed.

“This is how all the communities, all the neighborhoods, must be planted with socialist mission bases,” he expressed when delivering the “package” Mission Base.

The structure benefits more than 1.500 families who live in five communal councils in this populous sector of the Sucre parish.

When inaugurating the spaces of this new Misiones Base, Maduro recalled that with this he responds to the commitment assumed on September 23, in response to a proposal from the El Junquito community that requested it.

“Word committed, word fulfilled,” said Maduro.

New commitments

During the delivery ceremony, the community proposed to President Maduro to build a school with Simoncito and primary school, to serve an enrollment of 620 boys and girls.

After evaluating the approach, the President instructed the head of Government of Caracas (GDC), Nahum Fernández, to check the availability of warehouses in the area to build the school there in record time, and deliver it before the end of the year.

Likewise, responding to another proposal from the community, it approved the construction of a mini court.

This base has, among others, spaces for socio-productive execution, an area for the Juana La Avanzadora Food House, a living room and a school with a view to grouping educational missions.

Likewise, it has a section for the circle of grandparents, who were invited to the next social tourism trip to Los Roques.

The Misiones Base on its second floor has social programs aimed at youth, a movie club, a library, among other services, as well as spaces for culture and sports.

These spaces were visited by the national leader in the company of the first fighter, Cilia Flores, and other municipal authorities together with the organized popular power.

Link Missions with jobs

During his tour of the new spaces, President Nicolás Maduro pointed out that the Robinson and Ribas Missions must be linked to trades, with a technical vision.

“That the boy who fell behind, in addition to completing primary and secondary school, can be a carpenter, electrician, craftsman, etc., and then if he wants to continue studying a university degree he does so, but he already has a trade,” he expressed.

In this sense, he instructed to link the Robinson and Ribas Missions to the National Institute of Socialist Training and Education (Inces).

“The best help for someone who, in their youth, for one reason or another, is left behind, is education, is to lend a hand and say: You are useful to the family, the community,” he stated.

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