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President inaugurated “La Mulata” aqueduct in Ureña

Thanks to the 1x10 of Good Government, the Head of State managed to complete the first step of a great project to supply continuous water to the population of Táchira.

Despite the difficulties that the workers of the La Mulata aqueduct had, which did not prevent its construction, President Nicolás Maduro arrived in the area to open the water tap that will benefit 100 thousand inhabitants between Ureña and San Antonio del Táchira, with 690 thousand liters per second of supply with the commissioning of the El Mesón aqueduct in the Bolívar municipality.

Continuing with their pilgrimage, Maduro indicated that the workers faced threats from an armed group, as well as 167 snakes, but this did not prevent them from carrying out the pilgrimage.

“We came, evaluated and started the work up the mountain. This is the first big step, but a second big phase is coming, until we manage to ensure that you here in Ureña have your water intakes, your aqueduct and the water reaches you every day,” he said.

In the middle of his “surprise visit,” which is the first that a President has made to the area, Maduro took photos with the people and workers.

They total 19 km of pipe, 5 and 16 inches, which will allow a better quality of life for the inhabitants of the area by supplying 9 million 5 thousand liters of water.

“Today we are taking a big step, and you will see the improvement, it is something historic, thanks to the 1 x 10 of Good Government that I created,” he indicated.

The president insisted that he has to “work triple”, explaining that he works, campaigns for elections and maintains peace in the face of all the plots that have been discovered.

“That extremist right has gone to Colombia to look for paramilitaries,” he pointed out, indicating that unfortunately Colombia is in control of the surnames and that all those paramilitary groups want to bring them to Venezuela.

He indicated that “Colombia is our creation (referring to Bolívar's libertarian feat), we founded it but unfortunately it has been in the hands of family names, oligarchies and they have divided it, a seventy-year war, and that entire group of paramilitaries “He wants to bring the right to Venezuela.”

He specified that he cares for peace “to a millimeter” and counts on the civil-military-police union to do so.

Expansion of the El Mesón aqueduct

Another of the works that was launched was the El Mesón aqueduct in the Bolívar municipality, which will supply 250 liters per second, and before it was 60 liters. In this sense, 65 thousand families will benefit.

The president said that thanks to the 1×10 of Good Government and the work of the working class, the works were achieved.

He concluded by saying that “I wanted to come to Táchira to receive the blessings of my ancestors and the Tachira people.”

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