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El Recreo and Macarao parishes have rehabilitated fields

Painting and installation of lighting was carried out in the spaces.

The communities of Hoyo de Las Delicias, in the El Recreo parish, and El Ciprés II, in Macarao, have two rehabilitated fields, thanks to the joint effort of the Municipal Council of Caracas, the Great Young Venezuela Mission and Popular Power.

The renovation is part of the territorial action plan undertaken by the municipal office, which aims to offer spaces for the enjoyment of citizens, reported a press release.

Jesús García, president of the Infrastructure and Urban Planning Commission of the Municipal Council, said that painting work was carried out on the Hoyo de Las Delicias field and new lights were installed. The works respond to the priorities established in the specific action agenda of the Aponwao Commune, which lives in the El Recreo parish, which requested its renewal.

“Thanks to this work, the basketball, soccer and indoor soccer sports schools now have an optimal space for their activities,” García highlighted.

Likewise, he indicated that lighting, wall painting and mural work was carried out on the El Ciprés II field, located in the populous Macarao parish. The renovation was carried out in conjunction with spokespersons for the Jorge Rodríguez Padre commune and the sector's communal council.

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