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Pope confirms that he has already signed canonization of José Gregorio Hernández

"I am going to canonize the doctor, I don't know when, but I have already signed" stated the Supreme Pontiff

As had been anticipated by President Nicolás Maduro, Pope Francis confirmed that he signed the canonization of Jose Gregorio Hernandez.

“I am going to canonize the doctor (…) I don't know when, but I have already signed,” the pope expresses in a video lesson disclosed on social networks this Monday.

“They are a very mature people,” says the Pope in the middle of a brief conversation he had with two Venezuelans in Rome.

As will be remembered, the information was released from unofficial way by the Head of State during the broadcast of program number 48 of “Con Maduro +” last Monday, June 3.

“Let's hope they make it official, because my good sources in the Vatican have informed me that Pope Francis signed the canonization of José Gregorio Hernández last week (…) It is a great gift for our national spirituality because José Gregorio belongs to all of us, José Gregorio touches all of our hearts and through him the power of God is manifested,” Maduro said when making the announcement.

To canonize is to declare a deceased person as a saint or saint. To do this, the Catholic Church demands a series of requirements that must be met once the beatification of someone who has the power of intercession before God has been achieved, such as the now blessed José Gregorio Hernández.

Saint despite the conspiracy of the domes

Just this Sunday, President Nicolás Maduro revealed that leaders have conspired to prevent Dr. José Gregorio Hernández from being given the title of Saint.

“It only remains for Dr. José Gregorio Hernández to collect the title from the Secretariat, because he has already had it for 100 years. Although some leaders have conspired not to give him the title.”

He added that "we all know which leaders have conspired so that José Gregorio Hernández does not have the title of Saint for a long time," highlighted the president, who added that "fortunately his holiness, Pope Francis, loves Dr. José Gregorio Hernández and supports the people of Venezuela,” he stated.

The head of state noted that out of “Vatican prudence I must remain silent,” adding that he knows much more.

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