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Belarusian tour operators visited the country

After touring the natural beauties and enjoying the gastronomy, they will present the tourist potential of Venezuela

With the aim of publicizing the tourism potential that Venezuela has, a delegation of nine Belarusian tour operators recently visited the country.

According to information from the Chancellery, this visit took place between April 27 and May 8, within the framework of the familiarization plan of the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism.

This familiarization plan is part of the agreements reached in the last Joint Commission held in the city of Minsk in 2023.

In this sense, the initiative seeks to leverage the Venezuelan tourism sector, promote the diversification of foreign currency income and generate new sources of employment.

Likewise, promote the rich cultural and natural heritage, investment and international cooperation in Venezuela, while strengthening ties of economic cooperation between the countries.

Tour of Belarus tour operators

Belarusian tour operators learned about the benefits of the hotels and enjoyed the natural beauties and gastronomy of the islands of Margarita and Coche, Canaima, Caracas, Yare, La Guaira and the state of Táchira.

While passing through the islands of Margarita and Coche, in the state of Nueva Esparta, the operators visited their beautiful beaches, being amazed by their white sands and turquoise waters; They walked through the neo-Spartan streets and squares, learned about the history of the Castle of San Carlos de Borromeo in Pampatar and visited the altar of the Virgin of the Valley, in the midst of a set of meetings they held with representatives of Venezuelan hotels and tourism agencies.

The jungle was also included in the plan. The Belarusian operators visited the Canaima National Park, with its majestic tepuis and splendid waterfalls, including the sighting of the highest waterfall in the world: Angel Falls.

The next stopping points were Caracas, Yare and the city of La Guaira, where they shared part of the Venezuelan cultural traditions, history, in addition to holding B2B meetings with Venezuelan operators and learning about the hotel offering of the capital city.

The tourism promotion plan closed in the magical Andes, where the operators of the Scandinavian country toured and enjoyed the benefits that the Táchira state offers, including the beautiful streets of Peribeca, the wastelands of Capacho with its glamping area and geodesic domes, as well like a visit to the plains to connect with nature.

Words such as “great emotions”, “natural wonders”, “splendid beaches”, “warm welcomes”, “hospitality and friendliness of its people” and “delicious gastronomy” were repeated in the testimonies collected from the representatives of the tour operators.

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