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Children immersed in video games put their visual health at risk

Limiting time on devices is crucial to preserving visual health

Visual health is becoming more important every day since the world has become an information society, where the majority of children and adolescents are dependent on computers, cell phones, and video games, for example, for which they require excellent eye performance. his sense of sight.

Hence, it is important to highlight the care of the good condition of the eyes and promote the prevention of the loss of the ability to see, which in 80% of cases is avoidable if the necessary precautions are taken, says a press release.

In this regard, the Ophthalmology Service of the Santa Paula Medical Group (GMSP) points out that “taking early measures can help us control a pathology, so that it does not decompensate and does not affect visual health, but people go to the ophthalmologist when they are already "They don't see, in many cases when there is no longer a solution because the diseases have advanced too much."

It is also relevant "that parents understand that children from a very early age, at 3 or 4 years old, should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist; most realize the importance of this consultation when the child is already in school." ”.

He stressed that "we must remember that the eye is not a balloon separated from the general functioning of the body, but rather, precisely, it is an organ that can suffer the ravages of a decompensation or a general pathology".

The most common eye pathologies are refraction: myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, presbyopia, which are basically diagnosed in the office and corrected with lenses.

Another common condition is caused by the fact that the environments are usually cold and dry, due to the air conditioning, and playing or working on computers for prolonged periods means not blinking enough, which is why “you can suffer from dry eye, which is solved with artificial tears and a very fashionable rule: 20-20-20, for every 20 minutes on the screen, rest 20 seconds looking at 20 feet, more or less six meters away, that is, looking into the distance to hit "A break for that muscle that helps you see the screen up close."

He said that a “quite common pathology and it is my subspecialty, is keratoconus, a disease that causes the corneal tissue to become deformed, with a very pronounced cone-shaped curve, which generates poor vision. This is a multifactorial disease, but it is closely associated with people who scratch their eyes a lot, due to ocular allergies, dry eye or for whatever reasons, which can generate irreversible deformation of the cornea.

He added that “although there are pathologies specific to the eye, many of them depend on other general pathologies, for example, diabetes, which when decompensated generates diabetic retinopathy, and vision can be lost, and it is very difficult to reverse this pathology. Diabetes can also cause cataracts and predispose to glaucoma.”

To protect children's visual health, it is important to:

  • Limit playing time: It is recommended to play no more than two hours a day of video games, with frequent breaks to look into the distance.
  • Maintain an adequate distance: The screen should be at a distance of 40 to 50 centimeters from the eyes.
  • Ensure good lighting: The environment must be well lit to avoid contrast between the screen and the darkness.
  • Encourage outdoor activities: It is essential that children spend time outdoors so that their eyes rest from screens.
  • Perform periodic visual exams: It is important that children attend regular eye exams to detect and correct any visual problems in time.

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