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Public Ministry has prosecuted more than 300 people for animal abuse

The Public Ministry Defend your Pet Program has offered comprehensive care to more than 4.378 animals

Since 2017, the Public ministry has prosecuted and prosecuted more than 300 people for damage and mistreatment of animals, Attorney General Tarek William Saab highlighted this Wednesday when offering a balance of the programs carried out by the entity under his charge, in particular No to Animal Abuse.

Likewise, he noted that since the Public Ministry Defend your Pet program began on February 29 of this year, comprehensive care has been offered to more than 4.378 animals, including dogs and cats.

These statements were offered by Saab from a double day of Public attention and to pets held this Wednesday in the Parque Carabobo square in Caracas.

The day of comprehensive care for pets included veterinary assistance, deworming, nail cutting and application of vaccines, for which they had the participation of Misión Nevado and private companies such as Braveptor, said the Prosecutor.

When offering a balance of these programs, Tarek William Saab highlighted the efforts of the Public Ministry in favor of respect for animals and recalled that in 2021 they delivered a bill that has been the basis of the project that is in second discussion in the National Assembly. (AN).

He added that last February the Prosecutor's Office was invited to participate as a member of the promoting team in the public consultation of this bill approved in the first discussion on the dignified treatment of companion animals.

"This law not only protects the pet that is in the care of people, but goes further, and grants the same recognition to animals that are homeless or abandoned," said the Fiscal.

Advances and consensus of the Law

In his statements, the Prosecutor summarized the progress and consensus that has been found during the public debate of the Law, among which stands out the recognition of animal abuse as a crime and not as a misdemeanor, as well as the recognition of animals as sentient beings, capable of feeling joy, pain, suffering or sadness.

“The illicit death of animals is established as a crime, with a prison sentence of four to six years,” he noted, adding that if the conduct is carried out as a consequence of animal cruelty or torture, it is also punishable by a prison sentence of 4 to 6 years. In addition, he indicated, zoophilia is established as a crime, with a sentence of one to two years.

Likewise, it is suggested to establish omission of help as a crime, referring to someone who, through recklessness or negligence, has caused damage to a pet and has not provided the respective assistance.

Prohibition of shows that promote animal abuse, with a penalty of 4 to 6 years. Punishment of the illegal practice of surgical procedures on pets, with a sentence of 2 to 4 years

Prosecutor Saab announced that a meeting is scheduled to be held this Thursday, May 23, at the headquarters of the National Assembly in which the contributions suggested by the Public Ministry along with other institutions and organizations are expected to be approved.

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