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Public Ministry has served more than a million people since 2017

The programs carried out by the Public Ministry outside the offices have allowed a closer relationship with the people

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, reported that the Public Ministry has served 169 people nationwide with street justice sessions and in tax offices over the last seven years, according to reports. press release from the institution.

From the Plaza Bolívar in Caracas, the head of the criminal action explained that since the program “The Public Ministry goes to your Community” began in August 2022, 44 people have been served, among which 702 have been collected. 5 criminal complaints.

With respect to its sister program, “The Public Ministry Attends your Complaint in the Parish”, which started this year and is carried out once a month, 7 people have been attended to, among whom 589 complaints have been received. , in addition to offering free legal guidance.

In turn, the staff available to serve users on the ground floors of the Public Ministry headquarters, to provide advice and legal support, has served 129 people, in which 680 complaints have been received.

In all of these programs, in addition to providing guidance and receiving complaints, cases and requests for social assistance are expedited.

Likewise, Saab stated that to these figures are added the 959 thousand 79 people served in tax offices throughout the national territory.

500 people served in Plaza Bolívar

Regarding the deployment in the capital city, the Attorney General reported that more than 500 people were assisted during the development of a new day of the program “The Public Ministry Goes to your Community.”

On the new street day, the also president of the Republican Moral Council said that 63 criminal complaints were received; while 363 correspond to legal advice; of them 187 to causes that are not criminal in nature; 104 cases from other organizations that are not within the jurisdiction of the institution; 72 complaints about neighborhood coexistence problems; 44 requests for expediting cases and 27 requests for social assistance.

The event was attended by 82 officials, including general and line directors, prosecutors and personnel who work in the jurisdiction of the Caracas Metropolitan Area.

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